Let’s Blame Lefties

I apologize to my international readers that have come to expect my foreign policy posts…I will return to those soon….but right now there is so much going on in American politics I feel I need to add my voice.

I know that everyone has seen the street protests that have been all over the TV……for one they are not pros that are doing this……second, everyone is concerned….but where was all that concern when the DNC robbed Bernie on a fair primary season?  Where?

Now there is a large population that is butt hurt by the result of the election and soon they will start blaming someone for their ignorance…..

STOP! whining….I mean when 49% of the voting age adults vote what can you expect….but then Americans are good at hindsight and bitching…..and learn nothing in the end.

More than likely it will be the “Lefties” that will get the call…..pure and total CRAP!

I would like to see the mental midgets on the Right learn the difference between a “Lefty” and a Democrat….regardless of what their tiny minds think…they are NOT the same thing.

I am a Lefty and that does NOT mean that I am a Democrat….so do not blame me or any “Lefty” that voted their principles……….it is not our fault that others could not bring themselves to do the same…….

As we witness the post mortem of this troubling election, you can bet that pretty soon, someone soon is going to blame the Left – the hardcore progressives and young Independents who rallied around Bernie – for the result.

In 2000, Al Gore embraced “Free Trade” and international trade pacts that gave corporations power over sovereign nations. Gore supported space-based weapons and Capital Punishment. He was instrumental in crafting the Telecommunications bill that led to the media consolidation we have been seeing (and which made it easier for Rupert Murdoch to own newspapers and TV outlets in the same media markets). He picked one of the most right-wing Democratic senators as his running mate.

Source: Let’s Blame Lefties – LA Progressive

Another thing….STOP! using the word “change”!…..until you actually learn what it means.  You mean nothing by that overused term…. you mean nothing more than a change of your masters not actual change in the society or the system.


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