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Tomorrow you will go and cast your vote, if you have not already, and most will do it for either Trump or Clinton…..very few of us will brave the backlash and vote a third party…..what the Hell…I never was a herd animal…….

I do not buy the standard cop out that my vote will be a vote for the “other” guy and will assure this candidate or that the win.

A math lesson for critics of third-party voters

This is a post by a Libertarian leaning site but the points may work for any third party vote…..

My correspondent fired back: “Opportunity cost is Trump gets elected.”

I stand by my recklessness.

Here’s where the curious nature of the American Electoral College comes in handy. Even where my vote—or the votes of my 100 closest, most easily influenced “inner circle”—might swing an election, there is simply no real chance that pushing either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton over the top in South Carolina, where I live, will determine the outcome of the presidential race. If Hillary wobbles to victory in my current state of residence, she would have already demolished The Donald in the Electoral College. Similarly, in Maryland (where our family lived until 2014), a squeaker for Mr. Trump would indicate that Ms. Clinton had been vanquished in a yuuuuuge landslide elsewhere.

Source: Go Ahead, Throw Your Vote Away – Reason.com

Know your candidate and to Hell with the backlash.

On another note….there are those people that show their grit and do what their conscience tells them….I have a new HERO……

A Democratic presidential elector in Washington state says he will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Former Bernie Sanders delegate Robert Satiacum told ABC News Friday night that the Democratic presidential candidate‘s stance on the environment clashed with his Native American heritage. “I will not vote for Hillary Clinton,” he told ABC News. “I will not write her name. I will not. I will not.”

The member of the Puyallup Tribe in the Evergreen State says he believes Clinton lied about using a private email server, calling it a “heinous act of stupidity.”

“She has done nothing remarkable as Secretary of State or as the senator of New York,” he continued. “She’s bought and paid for … I just can’t get behind her. There’s no character there.”

He added, “Maybe I’ll vote Mickey Mouse. In all seriousness, maybe I should vote for Bozo the Clown.”

Satiacum’s defection would matter only if Clinton landed at exactly 270 electoral votes on election night — and Satiacum still went rogue in the face of immense pressure and weeks of unprecedented litigation.


We need more people that are willing to vote their conscience and not for some celeb with a big mouth or some war mongering witch……


25 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Throw Your Vote Away – Reason.com

      1. I meant the other two blogs that I tried commenting on. I am sure it is alright. By the way — do you drink coconut water? It’s something new and is supposed to be good for us.

      1. Dru — do you mean to say that you use coconut water and find it beneficial? Can you tell me what it does for you? I want to try it and see if it will help me lose a couple of pounds.

  1. I’ve seriously toyed with Gary Johnson this year, but the more I’ve learned about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson the more I’ve realized that neither of them passes the most basic tests of credibility and rationality needed to be a viable candidate for President. I’d vote for a credible third party in a heartbeat this year, but neither of them are it.

      1. Right there with you, sir. I’m not voting for Trump or Clinton, but the third party candidates aren’t any better. I plan on writing somebody in — who that person is I’ll decide when I get there.

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