2016: The 2nd Amendment (And More)

This election as with all elections the candidate from the Right goes on some rant about the next Dem president will take away our 2nd amendment rights….and right on cue Donald Trump is NO different.

Then there are his supporters and the ones before him….they rant on and on about how our rights to own guns will be suppressed if the country is stupid enough to elect the Dem that is running…..

As usual it is pure bullshit!  Apparently these candidates that the mental midgets that echo the lie have NO concept of what is in the Constitution or how the thing works…….

So let me help the poor mentally deficient sheep out…..a quick constitutional review……

I think the answer to the 2 questions are a little of both……the candidate has NO idea how this works and he really thinks his followers are that STUPID!

This is typical when a party has nothing to offer….send in the fear card about guns or harp on something they have NO chance of doing…repeal Obamacare…..

I expect more out of the Party that wraps itself in the Constitution with every election…..

Here’s an idea….before you jump on the stupid bandwagon take a course on the Constitution….because by trumpeting his BS then you look as STUPID as he plays you to be.

I am not be a constitutional scholar but I know enough to see a outright lie when I see and hear one.

If only there was an educational aspect to the media…..wait!….There is but we cannot fund it because somewhere in the tiny brains of the GOP it has become a no-no to fund education……Smart thinking!

One more thing….since some of you are hot for the GOP…both as president and Congress….then ask a couple of questions to the “saviors” of this country….

Bet you get platitudes and slogans…but NO good answers….

But go ahead vote for these pigs that have promised a lot and delivered NOTHING…they are NO better than a Democrat.

But go ahead and vote in a couple of days….and prolong your agony…..”stupid is as stupid does”…..as someone once said.


19 thoughts on “2016: The 2nd Amendment (And More)

  1. I wasn’t going to put a comment on this one (as you said it brilliantly already) until I saw the Forrest Gump quote. Have to give a +1 to the Forrest Gump quote 🙂

  2. Let us set aside the Constitutional requirements for voting on amendments and all that stuff. All that stuff is valid and correct but there are other mice in the pie: As can be seen by the unusual amount of Executive Orders issued by Obuzzmer, there are ways to get around the Constitution by various, subtle and sometimes devious means. If enough such Executive Orders are issued concerning guns, their sale, their manufacture, their importation, their taxation, requirements for their licensing and a hundred and one other avenues of attack, it is entirely possible to eventually make the intent of the Constitution valid as all Hell but at the same time making it impotent insofar as the individual citizen making use of its provisions to buy, sell, use or own firearms. Somewhere it has been reported that Hillary already told somebody that the Supreme Court position on guns is “Wrong.” I believe she will work tirelessly and effectively to take the guns out of the hands of Americans.

    1. An EO cannot change the Constitution…..that is a cop out to bring that up…..guns are going NO where and no one is coming for our guns…..do not care what crap the NRA tries to post….guns are safe in your hands.

  3. Why do so many conservatives who love their 2nd amendment more than life itself insist that Democrats are going to do away with the 2nd amendment? I’ve never understood that, even when i was in school and first learned about the Bill of Rights. Guess what? Its the Bill of Rights, which can’t be given away or taken (though fudged with a bit, especially when you get to searches and seizures, but I digress). Even if Hillary or any Democrat HATED guns and wanted to get rid of them, there’s a whole constitutional process prohibiting that. So why do they spend so much time worrying about something that can’t happen?! It’s like worrying about the zombie apocalypse–a waste of time.

    1. ” Its the Bill of Rights, which can’t be given away or taken…”

      It would be quite possible to pass laws that do _not_ repeal the 2nd Amendment per se, but rather make it nearly impossible to practice. For example, a law requiring the addition of very, very expensive technology to make a gun “smart” enough to only work in the hands of its owner.

      If HRC had won, that was one of the things that would have certainly been explored. So a handgun that costs, e.g., $500 today would then maybe cost $5000 with that technology. That would put it beyond the budget of a lot people. It would be an effective way to disenfranchise those without “deep pockets.”

      Also said before, if the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” was repealed then we would see massive and unremitting lawsuits against the manufacturers of firearms for any illegal act someone committed, although the firearm was sold initially in 100% compliance with the law. It would be like suing GM because some kid stole a car and had an accident and killed someone.

      Finally if HRC was picking Supreme Court justices she would be sure to pick those with a “liberal” view of the Constitution as a “living document” that says whatever they want it to say. Only recently the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment protected an _individual_ right but with the right judges they could easily re-interpret it as a state’s right (which the Left has claimed for a long time).

      So your views about the inviolability of the Constitution are pure bunkum. The law _is_ what the judges say it is so you damn well need to be careful who is appointing those judges.

      1. Judges are referees they need to be neutral….they were never intended to make law just to interpret the Constitution….that has changed….now it is more important to appoint ideologues than neutral observers. NO one is coming for anyone’s guns…never were…it has always been a lie.

  4. lobotero:

    “Judges are referees they need to be neutral….they were never intended to make law just to interpret the Constitution.”

    Which is exactly what Conservatives have been saying for a long time. But most on the Left see the Constitution as a “living document” requiring enlightened interpretation to fit the times (as they see them).

    “now it is more important to appoint ideologues than neutral observers.”

    Which points to weakness in our Constitution. We don’t have enough checks and balances against the judicial system.

    “NO one is coming for anyone’s guns…never were…it has always been a lie.”

    Perhaps you are too young to remember a very determined attempt to take away so called “assault weapons” by Bill Clinton et al in the 1990s? Or you don’t know about cities in America that have a history of draconian gun control laws (and very often murder rates near 3rd world levels).

    You make some sense in regards to what judges should be, but the idea that no one wants to take away Americans guns is demonstrable nonsense.

    1. Glad you think so….it has been a lie for 40 years and you still have a fucking gun…the nonsense is believing the crap spread by NRA….then why is it so important that the judge be conserv….an agenda that needs them to make it real…I am older than you……peace!

  5. “I am older than you…”

    Really? Today’s is the day we remember veterans and their service. I am a Vietnam Veteran btw.

    “you still have a fucking gun…”

    Actually I have quite a few, most locked up in a safe, except the one I can’t remember where I hid it. Another senior moment I guess! 🙂

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