Mosul And Beyond

I few years ago I was  asked to write an op-ed for Ace News Room and we have been together ever since…..I appreciate their confidence in my writings and my analyses….if you are a news junkie then Ace News Room is the place for you…..try it…you’ll like it!

The Iraqi and allies have started the push to liberate the city of Mosul from the clenches of ISIS……

The election has the spotlight but the Iraqi army and its cronies have began the attack on the ISIS stronghold in Mosul……and so far it is going as well as ca be expected…. Iraq&#…

Source: Mosul And Beyond

This battle is far from over…..and this battle could only bring a revised ISIS…..this battle may create more problems than before it began…..this battle will not be pretty.



12 thoughts on “Mosul And Beyond

      1. In case you’re neither a native Mosul citizen nor an Iraqi at least, we on the other hand, I mean Mosulians, know that Isis has been created by Iran, same as the created Imis (Iranian Militias in Iraq & Syria) …

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