2016: Slip Sliding Away

A week away and as usual any third party candidates start taking heat from the press and the idiots that support the 2 major candidates……but not being one that will bow to the constant ribbing from those of lesser minds I will continue to report on the “other” candidates.

This time around it is Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party…..he was up in some areas as much as 10% but has slowly but slowly slid down the charts…..the closer the day comes the less support he seems to have…..

Gary Johnson has been making a valiant go of it, but the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president is starting to see his numbers slip away at the polls—or, as the Boston Globe puts it, “Gary Johnson is no longer a thing.” Politico reports that about half of his supporters have abandoned ship over the last two months, from an almost 10% polling average in September to about 5.6% more recently. And that means that although Johnson could still raise some dust and complicate matters for the two major-party candidates in states where third parties have historically done well, it doesn’t look definite he’s going to have a significant impact on the race, as Ralph Nader did in two states in 2000 (and Nader’s poll numbers were less than half that of Johnson’s in late August of their respective election years, per FiveThirtyEight).

Johnson’s numbers began to drop after he didn’t qualify for the first presidential debate in September. His standing has also been affected by the fact that polls are now looking more closely at likely voters, not just registered ones: A CNN/ORC poll from this weekend, for example, gave Johnson a 5% among registered voters, but only 3% for those likely to show on Election Day (down from 7% three weeks earlier). And the Globe notes Johnson’s flubbedforeign policyremarks likely haven’t helped, either. But Intelligencer says this “crash” is “right on schedule,” as third-party candidates in years with close races tend to start seeing declining numbers as the election nears. If Johnson can hold on to 5%, he could earn federal funding for the Libertarian Party in 2020.

I can understand why he might be more popular this election than in a normal year….he stands where most Repubs stand and the GOP has shown that it will not support Trump….well that is the line but they will come around and like most cowards will bow to conventional pressure and vote straight GOP ticket……

At least Johnson and Stein are talking issues while the other two are focusing on the sideshow situations that have NOTHING to do with this election….

And as usual Americans, most Americans, will vote for the biggest ass-wad and then bitch about it for 4 years……I can hardly wait.


4 thoughts on “2016: Slip Sliding Away

  1. In every election there is always a slate of these kinds of candidates and their political fate is usally always much the same … come on the scene … capture some imaginations … make some noise … fade into the background … become a footnote in history. Par for the course if you ask me.

    1. Of course it is because of cowardice and afraid to go against the grain…nothing will ever change as long as these determine our elected toads….

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