What Is Missing In The News?

Content for one!

I have been bitching about thew media’s coverage during this season as a worthless waste of time….all they cover is the stupid trying to outdo stupid….no coverage of the issues that we need to hear about before we make our choice.

I have tried to stay away from the absolute moronic rants of the candidates that serve no purpose as much as possible but it has been an uphill battle to find something they say as important.

So when I read about this new study of the media’s coverage or the lack of coverage on the issues I was glad to see that I was right all along…..

Walking away from a long-standing tradition of covering issues and presidential policies during campaign season, the network evening newscasts have all but abandoned that type of reporting this year, according to recent tabulations from Tyndall Report, which for decades has tracked the flagship nightly news programs.

Since the beginning of 2016, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News have devoted just 32 minutes to issues coverage, according to Andrew Tyndall.

Differentiating issues coverage from daily campaign coverage where policy topics might be addressed, Tyndall defines issues coverage by a newscast this way: “It takes a public policy, outlines the societal problem that needs to be addressed, describes the candidates’ platform positions and proposed solutions, and evaluates their efficacy.”

Source: Study Confirms Network Evening Newscasts Have Abandoned Policy Coverage For 2016 Campaign

The other sad thing is that the people, the voters, did not stand up and demand better issue coverage they got sucked into the reality TV mentality and have been stuck there for over a year…..

Another odd thing is that most descent journalist see this disturbing situation but they cannot break away from it for you see they live or die on air by ratings ….and this reality mentality feeds the ratings……

We have NO one to blame but ourselves…

God help this country!


5 thoughts on “What Is Missing In The News?

  1. Indeed, which is why I abandoned all forms of mainstream media several months ago. I got tired of feeling like I was watching scripted reality (in many ways it is) and was starving for better content. Two go to sites I read everyday are CounterPunch.org and TheIntercept.com, they both offer a refreshing and raw look at the news around the world. I’m with you, the “news” most people watch and read is a joke and has been for many years. That’s what we get for having the majority of news networks owned by just six companies, driven by ratings, and content filtered to favor those who have paid to play.

  2. What is missing in the “News” is actual inverted pyramid News! You know … statement of fact about something that happened, followed by a series of supporting facts in descending order of importance … you know … “Traditional Reporting.” It seems to me that since most of the Media have been purchased and are owned by private companies with agendas, shareholders and activist CEOs (R. Murdoch comes to mind), the fragmented broadcast and print entity that was once “The News” has now become a constantly grinding machine churning out …. “Opinion” and “Editorialization that suits somebody’s goals and ambitions.”

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