Vintage Social Networking

My granddaughter visited and we had a great talk about social media and where it was likely to go.

Then we talked about the “social media” in my day….she found it all so humorous… is official…I am OLD!

We have come a long way….but I still use the old school times….my granddaughter did a cartoon of me standing along side a T-Rex….(she did make it clear that there was NO religious content to her ‘toon)……I will get even…..

10 thoughts on “Vintage Social Networking

  1. I refuse to use any form of Social Media with friends from my hood. When they send me a Friend Request from Facebook, I respond with “I prefer the face-to-face.” every single time. I also refuse to own a cell phone because I am not that special or need to be wired for sound 24/7. I like living my life with very little technology. So, I guess the Jurassic Age (with Internet for friends abroad) is just the era that’s right for me.

  2. While agreeing it sucks getting old, one mustn’t forget the perks, either. Not having to give a shit about what we say, or do, within only the boundaries of our own sensibilities, is, to me, worth every minute I’ve spent so far…. These days, for me, it’s all about “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke…”

    But,then, I don’t get to visit with my granddaughter much yet; she’s only one….

    Have a great weekend, ami….


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