Let’s Go Shopping

Saturday in the park it feels like the 4th of July….Chicago….

A day of rest and relaxation and time to do something different…..what better subject than food?

In the past I use to write a food blog called “Food Nazi”….it was just too much to handle two blogs so I decided to just incorporate my old foodie blog into IST from time to time….

How many of my readers do the grocery shopping?  Ever wonder why you seem to spend more money than you intended?

If so, then I have you answer for you……

It happens to everyone: Hit the supermarket for 1 or 2 items and walk out with 1 or 2 bags of groceries.

No one forced you to stock up on fresh, juicy fruit.

Nor did anyone urge you to snap up a bag of crunchy snacks or sample a few new condiments.

But advertising and marketing don’t end when you turn off your TV, radio or cellphone.

Retailers and manufacturers are putting more dollars into front-line efforts in the stores themselves, says Paco Underhill, founder of Envirosell and author of “Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping.”

Source: 7 ways that grocery stores entice you to spend more – Business Insider

Now you know what to look for in the grocery store and maybe with that knowledge you can save a buck or two……

Well as long as you are going shopping…..how about some brew-skis?

My Sunday begins with news that we will have even more hot weather……and little to no rain…..I want cool….I want crisp cool air…..I wanna beer.

Beer!  Me?  I prefer those dark Lagers like Sam Adams Boston Lager and Modelo Negra…..I will drink a Guinness American Blond…but only if there is no other…….but just how much good will those beers do?

We’ve all read about how great red wine is for our health, and how the French and the Italians, who love their wine, have a lower rate of heart disease than Americans. The belief is that antioxidants called polyphenols, derived from the skin of the grape, which are more prevalent in red wine than white, help protect the cardiovascular system from disease. The jury is still out on the truth of these health claims, since studies, as often is the case in matters of health, have fallen on both sides of the debate. Still, we know that a glass or two of wine a day won’t hurt us, and the relaxation and stress reduction that imbibing affords is an indisputable plus. Most doctors will say, “Cheers!” as long as your drinking is controlled, responsible and moderate, and there are no other health factors to consider (like diabetes or alcoholism, for instance).

Source: 9 Reasons to Drink Beer | Alternet

There you have it….9 reasons to drink beer…as if I needed that many…..

Time to pop the top and relax….see ya tomorrow my friends.

Now that laid some knowledge down it is time for me to sit back, smile and argue with my granddaughter……she is good and sarcastic…a chip off the old block….love her!

Go now….eat drink and make love…..see you tomorrow……