YouTube For Morons

My Saturday begins with a visit from my granddaughter….she is into music composition now and wants me to give my view on her latest creation….I have posted some of her stuff awhile back and got good reviews from my regular readers…..I shall post the new one when it has been completed.

During our talk I told her to NEVER put her image on the ‘net…….and to cover her movements with care…..told her to be as invisible as she can be….and to keep in mind that there are a wealth of perverts and idiots lurking out there…..

YouTube is a great place to look for vids on whatever you want……some good, some bad and some just plain moronic… of the best was from “In Living Color” when they did a take on the old “Who’s On First”…..very funny!

We had a talk about YouTube…..some of the people that post on YouTube are morons…..these are the people that do something illegal, record it and then post it……or those dumb SOB that record their bullying and post it…….and then I saw this one…….which is perfect illustration for M-O-R-O-N……..

A Las Vegas man is being held on felony terrorist charges after posting a YouTube video of himself holding a sniper rifle and AR-15-type rifle and threatening to kill government officials, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Bryce Cuellar, 24, posted the video July 1. According to KTNV, Cuellar shows off his guns in the video while wearing night-vision goggles and a flak vest. He says he’s upset the government is trying to take away the First and Second amendments and that he’s excited to start killing people soon. In addition to government officials, Cuellar says he—as a Christian warrior—wants to kill “gays, faggots, lesbians, and satanists.” “America is done and America is over,” the Las Vegas Sun quotes Cuellar as saying in the video.

Authorities say Cuellar punched and choked his wife after filming the video, and he was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery that night. On July 2, Interpol let Las Vegas police know about the video. Cuellar allegedly told police he was drunk and angry when he filmed the video but isn’t a murderer. A police detective compares the video to ones made by terrorist organizations, and Cuellar was charged with making terrorist threats Wednesday. He’s being held on $100,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 1. Authorities say Cuellar’s online footprint over the past three years show him getting more and more aggressive.

Since this douche is a Christian…should we blame all Christians for his stupidity?

But he is white, male and a Christian….then all white male Christians are either stupid or a terrorist, right?

Of course not….that would be just too easy, right?

“Can’t Fix Stupid”…..comes to mind…..

I will be out of pocket today….some friends are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and I will be there to celebrate with them…..

See you guys tomorrow…….