The Big Night…..Debate And Merriment

Tonight is the night……. the reality show that we call the 2016 election rolls on and on….and the show in the center ring will be the debate…….the much publicized first presidential debate…..

Before this thing can begin the silliness is all around……and you thought this was going to be a serious affair (pun not intended)……it is all a game being played by dolts and dullards…….

For the moment it appears the woman who had an affair with Bill Clinton will be front-and-center during Monday’s debate at Donald Trump’s invitation, BuzzFeed reports. It started with the Clinton campaign inviting Bizarro-Trump Mark Cuban to the presidential debate at Hoffstra University. TPM quotes a Clinton aide as saying Cuban “has the best seat we have access to.” CNN explains that each candidate gets a few tickets for the debate and can decide who sits where. “Just got a front row seat to watch Hillary Clinton overwhelm Donald Trump at the ‘Humbling at Hofstra’ on Monday,” Cuban, an increasingly vocal critic of Trump, tweeted Thursday. “It is on!”

“If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!” Trump tweeted Saturday. In 1998, Bill Clinton admitted to having a sexual relationship with Flowers in the 1980s. The former model quickly accepted the invitation, tweeting, “Hi Donald. You know I’m in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!” and adding a kiss emoji. Flowers’ assistant confirms to BuzzFeed that Flowers has accepted the invitation despite turning similar ones down in the past to avoid being a “sideshow.” The Trump campaign hasn’t said whether Trump’s tweet constitutes an official invite. The co-chair of the debate commission tells CNN they “would frown upon” any attempt to use guests to “impact the debate.”

(Trump’s camp has said that Flowers will not be at the debates)

I usually am a junkie for this political stuff but this debate offers NOTHING…not even for it as entertainment possibilities….it will be a worthless waste of time of diatribes insults and platitudes…..I will not watch……I will not lower myself to that level of stupid.

But I did see a thought on Twitter that made perfect sense…..why not just cancel the whole she-bang……

Let’s call the whole thing off.

Not the election, although if we only had a magic reset button we could pretend this sorry spectacle never happened and start all over.

No, we mean the presidential debates — which, if the present format and moderators remain as they are, threaten an effect on democracy more like Leopold and Loeb than Lincoln and Douglas.

We had a humiliating sneak preview Sept. 7, when NBC’s celebrity interviewer Matt Lauer hosted a one-hour “Commander-in-Chief Forum” in which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spoke with Lauer from the same stage but in separate interviews. The event was supposed to be about defense and veterans issues, yet to everyone’s bewilderment (except the Trump camp, which must have been cheering out of camera range that Lauer was playing their song), Lauer seemed to think Clinton’s emails were worthy of more questions than, say, nuclear war, global warming or the fate of Syrian refugees.

Source: There’s No Debate –

A great idea!  Why waste the viewers time with this silly excuse for the process?

The voter has, at least the ones that may watch, have already made up their tiny brains on who they will support when they enter the booth….

If debates need to happen then the major alternative parties should have a seat at the table…..the media will keep this from ever happening…..the US is the big loser in this debate thing.

Spoiler Alert!  Monday’s debate will be as worthless as the candidates.

ME?  I gotta wash my hair…..or maybe the dog…..but not wash the dishes.

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