Another Good Christian?

We seldom hear about some”minor” digressions from our Christian brethren…..we only get a look at their lives when they are a “biggie” that has fallen…..

I read an article about a church in Ohio… seems that a youth minister raped a teen age girl……

An Ohio judge sentenced a “delusional” former youth pastor to 10 years in prison for sexually abusing a teenage member of the church where he served as a volunteer.

Brian Mitchell pleaded guilty Thursday to four counts of sexual battery, and a Cuyahoga County judge rejected his attorney’s recommendation for house arrest but did not impose the maximum 20-year prison term, reported the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The 31-year-old Mitchell, a father of three children under age 8, began sending text messages to the victim, then 16 years old, that quickly turned to complaints about his marriage.

Source: Ohio church ordered teen to apologize to youth pastor’s wife after he raped her, mom says

A perv is in prison….but what the church did is beyond sanity……

Church leaders spoke to Mitchell the day after learning of the sex abuse in November and then reported the case to police.

The girl’s mother testified during the sentencing hearing that church leaders also told the family not to come back to church until her daughter had apologized to Mitchell’s wife.

So the victim needs to apologize to the rapist wife?  Seriously?  Someone please explain that to me.

Since this was a Baptist “youth” minister should we blame all Baptists for this behavior?  Or for that matter all Christians?

Can CRS Be A Good Thing

15 years ago we were attacked…please take a moment in your busy day and pause and remember those who died that day….I had written a post that included a couple of conspiracy theories about the attacks…..but after careful consideration I decided to trash it…..I will not help feed the bullshit.

The thousands that died that day deserve a few moments of silence in their honor…….

Once again the weekend has arrived and I look forward to a little relaxation and possibly a little fun with my granddaughter…..

CRS?  Yep….Can’t Remeber Sh*t!  An affliction of us old farts.

We also suffer from Mental Pause and Brain Farts……

Some think that forgetting is a bad thing…especially if you are a bit aged…..but is it really?

Stop trying to improve your memory. You don’t need to remember everything.

We are obsessed with remembering. We keep to-do lists, make photo albums, and furiously record the details of our lives on Facebook and Instagram, all with the purpose of savoring every little memory for fear of letting one slip. This fear, while irrational, is understandable given our circumstances. The reality that five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease has made us hyper-aware of memory loss — and a steady stream of studies and articles are ready to appeal to our anxieties. They tell us that seemingly random things can fortify our memories: Eat more berries! Down that chocolate. Get more caffeine in your diet. Add cinnamon to everything! Exercise. Lift weights and run barefoot. Get hearing aids. Lose weight. Play video games.

But, alongside the studies telling us how to keep our memories intact, an enormous body of research has led to another conclusion: In many cases, it’s okay (and in fact, beneficial) to forget. Human memory is not only unreliable, but often partially or wholly false. And certain kinds of forgetting is actually really good for us.

Source: Why forgetting is actually good for you

It is good news to us old farts…..whether anyone else cares is up to them….but using all my capabilities…..I cannot for the life of remember why I should care.

Peace out and enjoy your weekend…..