Restore American Leadership

Guess what?  IST although an opinion blog prides itself at giving everyone that visits the whole story around an issue…..I try to read all thoughts on the different issues and try to pass them on to my readers…..I refuse to be a one trick pony blog.

These days the US foreign policy is ruled by the neolibs and the neocons….or what is smilingly called the “war hawks”…..but not all Americans see our continuing interventionism as a good thing…..

In  all fairness I read a paper in “World Affairs Journal” that illustrates the neoliberal vision for US foreign policy…..

U.S. foreign policy today is failing every test by which a great power’s foreign policy can be judged. America is not feared by her enemies, nor trusted by her friends. Neither the American people nor the world-at-large understand any more the purposes of American power, or, even worse, the principles that shape them. Indeed, after a decade and a half of conflict in the Middle East and South Asia, some Americans have concluded that the best thing to do is to pull back from the world and its troubles. Some argue that America’s role as guarantor of global order is no longer necessary, history having “ended” with the Cold War; others think that “nation-building at home” is some kind of alternative to engagement abroad.

Source: Presidential Priority: Restore American Leadership | World Affairs Journal

Both of our major candidates in one form or another believe that this report is the fact by which our foreign policy should be ruled.

8 thoughts on “Restore American Leadership

  1. It would be nice to see our money spent at home. The roads and schools are better where we build them abroad, while here at home gets “repair-jobs” as only one small example. We force our ideas on people with cultures we don’t understand and then wonder why the ‘Ugly American” isn’t liked or trusted.

  2. My belief is that the United States should go one step further and remove themselves from the UN. It is an archaic establishment that only serves warmongering Nations and their war economies. The United States could, and should, rebrand themselves into something other than a contributor of perpetual war.

    1. Typical! You make a lot of unrest. You have a veto, plus 3 other nations, in the security council, you have ignored en vetoed serious violations of human rights, ignored international treaties, blackmailed countries into doing what you want.
      And now you want to say sorry, we go and leave the others with the mess you made.

      The UN is important, it should however have any nations in it that have the right to vetoed, it is undemocratic and it ignores the seriousness of problems of nations.
      While the US supports by veto countries even to the point of irresponsibility.

      “The veto was forced on all other governments by the five veto holders. In the negotiations building up to the creation of the UN, the veto power was resented by many small countries, and in fact was forced on them by the veto nations – US, UK, China, France and the Soviet Union – through a threat that without the veto there would be no UN.”

  3. Politics is a moot issue as long as the world exists, as it does now, as a plutocracy/oligarchy. The wars will only stop when they are no longer profitable, and neither the public, nor the actual government(s) will have anything to say about it, as long as we continue to let them have their way. Religions are merely a tool, to keep the populace distracted and divided; they are dupes as long as they continue to follow the delusion of supernatural intervention in reality. Governments only do what their owners now tell them.

    It’s not looking good for the average Joe…. who has no clue he/she is even a slave, of which there are now approximately 7.8 billion on this planet.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. The wars will only stop when the war criminals who carry them out are stripped totally of impunity. In other words, at present there is no effective deterrent, no real threat of prosecution (Nurenberg Trials), for the world’s most powerful war criminals. UN reform making it mandatory for member states to sign the Rome Statute and join the International Criminal Court, or face expulsion from the UN, would establish that much-needed deterrent, successfully deter high-level war criminals such as Bush, Cheney, Blair, etc.from “pulling the trigger” and initiating the crime(s), and go a long way toward achieving what many believed was impossible – ending wars.

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