More Stories You Will Not Read

That is unless you are a perceptive person and subscribe to IST….

There are always stories and reports out there that never make it into the news cycle for whatever reason…..and when I find them I try to share with my readers for I believe they deserve to know everything I know….

These stories have no value other than information……they are FYI for my loyal readers…..

First, there is one about a Islamic issue…….

You see Islam is a religion based on the teachings of Abraham (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) and like most within that tradition they are male-centric….meaning the men pretty much control the religion…..but one brave soul in Denmark has started a female mosque……

Scandinavia’s first women-led mosque, which prohibits polygamy and is home to female imams, officially opened its doors in Denmark in March, but the place of worship is not odd or unique, says its founder Sherin Khankan.

“I believe Mariam mosque is part of a much larger global movement [based on] Islamic feminism established in the 1970s, which exploded in the 1990s,” Khankan, a mother of four and one of the two imamas at the mosque, told Al Arabiya English.

Source: Female-run mosque in Denmark ‘part of global trend,’ says founder – Al Arabiya English

These women are fighting the male domination of their religion….this I can agree with…..I wish them luck.

Next…recently the news has been about the burkini, a Muslim version of a swim suit, for Muslim women so they do not violate any religious thing……in the past there has been lots of talk and action against the wearing of the burqa….that full body wrap that some women are forced to wear in extreme conservative Islamic societies…..

But now that ban has moved into the ranks of ISIS (you remember them right?)

ISIS has outlawed the burka at their security centers in a northern Iraqi city, despite previously brutally enforcing a law requiring them to be worn.

The terror group have banned women entering the buildings in Mosul while wearing the full-face covering after a number of commanders were killed by veiled women.

Previously women in Syria and Iraq have been beaten or even killed by ISIS’s ‘morality police’ for not wearing a veil to conceal their body and eyes.

Amazing just how unnecessary these things are when it is their butts on the line….

Finally, an occurrence in Iran should make some Americans happy as Hell…..

The pistachio farmers in California.  Since 1979 these trees have made some of the people in California very rich…..BTW, Iran use to have a monopoly on pistachios until recently when the trees that were smuggled out of Iran in 1979 started bearing nuts…..but now there is a drought in Iran that is effecting the pistachio trees……

Pistachios are Iran’s biggest export after crude oil, with 250,000 tonnes of the nut produced last year — a figure only recently topped by the United States.

In Kerman province in southern Iran, cities have grown rich from pistachios, but time is running out for the industry as unconstrained farming and climate change take a devastating toll.

Near the city of Sirjan, a long line of enormous sinkholes like bomb craters mark the points where an underground aquifer was pumped completely dry, and the ground simply collapsed.

Source: Flash – Iran’s pistachio farms are dying of thirst – France 24

America could have the best pistachios if only they would learn how to process the nut before market…..until then the ones out of Iran are still the best….

That is it for today and I want to begin my relaxation and the weekend….go out and have some fun……we will be back in style Monday.

Sabra And Shatila–34 Years On

Today’s news is the all important “one eyed snake” test that Trump had or that some late night host messed his hair up….this is what passes for news these days…your Pulitzer awaits!

30 years ago today the IDF allowed Lebanese militias enter a Palestinian refugees camps and allowed a massacre of woman, children and old people…..

Source: BBC News | PANORAMA | Sabra and Shatila: Dealing with facts

An interview with a person that was there that fateful day…….

On Sunday, the 30th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre was commemorated by people of different nationalities around the world. In Lebanon the commemoration was only observed by Palestinians living in refugee camps; Lebanese people were not concerned.

The massacre carried out by the Phalange, a Christian Maronite militia acting in full cooperation with Israel, was among the most atrocious episodes of recent history. But it is still absent from our collective Lebanese memory.

The Sabra and Shatila massacre is another taboo in Lebanon that needs to be addressed publicly and soberly; maybe admitting the wrongdoing could prevent us from further subjugating the Palestinian refugees who are residing here temporarily until they return to their occupied homeland.

Source: “They shot my father in the head”: interview with survivor of Sabra and Shatila massacre | The Electronic Intifada

Sadly this will not be reported….just like the IDF attack on the USS Liberty….this will be swept under the rug like anything negative about Israel.

2016: Slip Sliding Away

In a little over 50 days we will have a new president and then the finger pointing will begin…..all searching for excuses for their candidates loss.

May I see a show of hands… many think that GW Bush won in 2000 because Nader sucked votes away from Gore?

If you voted yes then you have voted for the common excuse that the Dems use to explain the defeat of Gore.  The diatribe is that Nader sucked off votes from people that would have probably voted for Gore had he not been opposed by Nader……

I think that is a cowardly statement…..Gore lost because he was a horrible candidate that progressive Dems did not like and did not vote for him.  It is just that simple….a terrible candidate.

Fast forward to this year’s election…..Clinton began the Summer leading Trump by double digits in many regions and slowly but slowly that lead has eroded to the point that the election is close to a toss up….either Trump or Clinton could win.

Personally I think that the two major parties are presenting the worst candidates possible.  Only 2000 had candidates that were this suck ass.

Voters that actually think see the weakness of the candidates and have begun looking for an alternative (smells like 2000 all over again)……We have the candidate of the old angry white men and the candidate of the 1%….neither represent the bulk of the voting public.

The Repubs are setting up the scenario it they lose the election….it will be voter fraud…..and the Dems it will be the same as 2000 people wasted their vote on a third party candidate.

The wasted vote premise is a myth….

The biggest objection by allies to voting for a Third Party is the “wasted vote” argument — the idea that if you vote for someone who will not win, then the vote does not count.

Join any third party and merely suggest that another person consider voting for a third party candidate and you will hear, ad nauseum, “I don’t want to waste my vote.”

What is a Wasted Vote?

An unprincipled vote is the only wasted vote.

Voting for a third party, contrary to popular belief, is not a wasted vote.

What is voting? It’s a chance to tell the country — and perhaps even the world — what your vision of government and society really is.

Source: The wasted vote myth |

I have already covered this in a previous post….(for your reading delight)…..

Source: Why Your Third-Party Vote Is Not Wasted – In Saner Thought

I refuse to fall the giant shell game the major parties play om the voters….for 100 years talk has been cheap and yet we keep settling for the same promises every election.

If you do not vote for principles then YOUR vote is the wasted vote….NOT MINE!

The Myth of American Retreat

Okay I admit it……I from time to time read the American Conservative…..while I do not agree with everything they write I do appreciate their perspectives from a conservative point of view…..there is so little true conservative thought these days.

What passes for conservative thought is nothing more than neoliberal bullshit…..especially when it comes to foreign policy and international relations….

The end of the Cold War brought about a rush of American politicos trying to set the US up as the preeminent power in the world….all the allegiances have not done what the neolibs desire….a safer America…..

The United States has been pursuing a grand strategy of primacy since at least the end of the Cold War. This hegemonic approach has sought, through active, deep engagement in the world, to preserve and extend the U.S.’s global dominance that followed the Soviet Union’s collapse. In other words, it has aimed to turn the unipolar moment into a unipolar era. Maintaining this dominance has meant aggressive diplomacy and the frequent display, threat, and use of military power everywhere from the Balkans to the Baltics, from Libya to Pakistan, and from the Taiwan Straits to the Korean peninsula.   

Unfortunately, primacy has largely failed to deliver what must be the first, second, and third priorities for any grand strategy: the satisfaction of national interests, foremost among them America’s safety. Rather than peace and security, primacy has brought about questionable military interventions and wars of choice in Somalia, Haiti, the Balkans (twice), Iraq (three times, depending on how you count), Libya, and Syria. Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have led to the deaths of almost 7,000 American troops, the wounding of tens of thousands more, and the filing of disability claims by nearly a million veterans. Rather than protecting the conditions of our prosperity, primacy has cost Americans dearly, with the annual defense budget now set to rise to around $600 billion and the Iraq War alone wasting trillions of dollars. As for our values, the U.S. approach has placed our nation in the uncomfortable position of defending illiberal regimes abroad, stained our reputation for the rule of law with Guantanamo and drone campaigns, and sacrificed the Constitutional authority of Congress. 

Source: The Myth of American Retreat | The American Conservative

The US needs a change in direction…..the world has changed and we must change with it…..that will make the country safer.

What Will Future Bring?

The election will soon be in the history books…in more ways than one…..but with a win what will the next president face as far as foreign policy goes?

The big question for our next president is….what to do about ISIS?

There are so many players now in the fight…..Iran, Russia, US, Turkey, UK and on and on……will it be just a double down or will the players actually attempt to solve the situation?  (that is rhetorical for we all know the answer)……

When Turkey’s President ordered armed forces to cross into northern Syria with the tacit approval of Washington and Moscow, he was looking one step ahead of the Obama Administration’s waffling approach to the war on the Islamic State (ISIL) and the efforts to end the Syrian war, which is now in a new and even more violent phase.

Essentially, Erdoğan is taking a calculated but well-informed guess that the next US President, whether it is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, will take a more aggressive stance against ISIL and other like-minded organizations — and will not object to Turkey having established an extensive “safe zone” in Northern Syria west of the Euphrates River. Turkish forces have already moved well beyond the limited invasion zone that Erdoğan presented to Vice President Joe Biden, during Biden’s recent visit to Ankara.

Erdoğan is prepared to wait out the final months of the Obama Presidency, which will end, for all practical purposes, immediately after the November presidential elections, when the incoming president-elect will take over the direction of policy.

In both cases, a significant overhaul of US policy on Iraq and Syria can be expected.

Source: Next US President Will Up the Ante against ISIL—But How? | Middle East Briefing

As long as the next president keeps the same dialog going…the Manichean approach…that is good vs evil, right vs wrong…etc….then this will be a protracted scenario with little chance of conclusion…..

But then it seemed that Pentagon official was engaged in one of the intellectual exercises favored by both neoconservatives on the political right and liberal internationalists on the political left: Drawing up foreign policy narratives that reflect the dualistic cosmology of Manichaeism in which international relations is seen as a never-ending struggle between light and darkness, between the forces of good led by the United States that are confronting the bad guys, ranging from “rogue states” to “authoritarian regimes” that threaten to destroy the liberal international order.

But in the real world, as opposed to the imaginary universe that neoconservatives and Wilsonians dream about, there are very few really good protagonists or really bad antagonists.

Source: Dangerous Manichean Foreign Policy Narratives | The National Interest Blog

The problem is this situation is driven by profits not right or wrong…..that will be left to the MSM to sell the idea to the public…in other words….this situation shall continue for the foreseeable future….little to no change will come.

A New Economic System for a World in Rapid Disintegration

There is lots of whining and moaning about the economy….maybe there should be some changes…..

The world is in the grips of capitalism…..but it is not the capitalism of Adam Smith….this is a system that rewards corruption and theft not hard work…..

People born in poverty will remain is poverty….with very few exceptions.

Time for the planet to work on a new economic model that will benefit all residents of this planet…..not the corrupt few.

We live in ominously dangerous times. The world capitalist system — having fueled colonialism, imperialism and the constant intensification of labor power exploitation for roughly 500 years — now threatens the planet with an ecological collapse of unprecedented proportions. Unsustainable resource exploitation, water pollution (the transformation of lakes, rivers and oceans into garbage dumps) and massive economic inequality are at the root of the possibly irreversible collapse of industrial civilization. Meanwhile, however, too many of us remain caught up in abstract and ahistorical predictions of collapse that fail to offer an alternative realistic vision of a future socio-economic order.

Simultaneously, the phenomenon of global warming, driven mainly by the dynamics and contradictions of a fossil-based economy, has prepared the soil for the eruption of new sources of conflict with the manifestation of historically unique destabilizing social forces. Climate change directly threatens billions of people and most other beings — besides the occasional cockroach, diadem or tardigrade — with outright extinction brought on by droughts, floods and other “natural” disasters.

Source: A New Economic System for a World in Rapid Disintegration

This may sound like a dream….but it could work….but that would require the voter to make up their tiny minds that change is good and change is necessary.

I am talking about real change and not the frail crap handed out at a political rally….change will only come through hard work and determination….and right now the American people have neither.