A New National Progressive Movement

This election has shown something that I have been saying for the last decade or so……this country needs a true progressive party as part of the process……

I wrote about it in 2008 after the election of Obama and again in 2010 after the disastrous mid-term elections…..but read them for yourself…..


And then later this one……


Bernie’s candidacy is showing that there is a growing need for a true progressive party….the Dems are just neocon lite……progressives have nothing to vote for……. but anyone but a Repub…..

As Sanders fights for a California primary season finale, activists look ahead.

The sun was hot. The shade was sparse. Yet they kept coming. For three-plus hours on Wednesday morning, several thousand Bernie Sanders believers of every stripe—college students cutting class, older retirees and labor activists, parents with teenage kids—wearing every imaginable Bernie pin, tee-shirt and baseball cap packed the dusty field at the Santa Clara fairground near San Jose, California. They more than eagerly awaited his arrival.

“He’s the best candidate ever,” one man blurted out. “Feel the Bern! Feel the Bern!” people spontaneously chanted. The sound system played Bob Marley, Neil Young, John Lennon and Steve Earle, who growled “The revolution starts now…” As they waited 1960s folk superstar Joan Baez took the stage and sang, “The opposition candidate is stirring up a fuss. She’s got the billionaires, he’s got us…”

Source: A New National Progressive Movement Is Emerging in the Shadows of the Sanders Campaign | Alternet

Teddy got it Right in the early 20th century…..the trouble is we let his plans slide to the back burner….it was more important to elect one of the 2 parties….be damn for the people and the country……

Time to revive the Bull Moose Party……Bernie has started the movement now let’s not give it away……

Check it out and let me know what you think….should we be happy with the 2 party system or should we start a new party that will put the country and the people first?

Time for the people to step up and do the RIGHT thing!

7 thoughts on “A New National Progressive Movement

  1. My distant cousin Teddy and the Bull Moose folks lost. But progressive states made tons of changes as right to propose changes to state constitutions swept over the country, as did laws enabling the recall of elected officials – the citizens’ right to impeach elected officials, so to speak. Progressive politics succeed locally now and then but nationally from top down – not so much. Time is right for working the streets though locally and see what happens.

    1. Teddy was right, in my opinion…and I agree…but we will see how far Bernie supporters are willing to go after the primaries…

      1. Many folks love status quo and even though they scream from the housetops about how much they desire change, when change comes they are ill-prepared to adjust and accept. Human nature.

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