You Are What You Eat

The sun comes up on another weekend….I shall tend to the garden and enjoy some down time for a couple of days…..

Speaking of the garden….the radishes are in and the tomatoes are starting to come in also……yet another tomato sandwich with mayo and a little red onion….yum.  Nothing better than a home grown tomato.

Back in my more youth days I was always trying to be the perfect “bod” to attract the ladies…..I even ventured into vegetarianism…….but that lasted until my first pang for a filet…..never tried the vegan path or the paleo path….both just sounded too trendy for my liking.

Back to the vegetarianism thing……

In case you’ve forgotten the section on the food web from high school biology, here’s a quick refresher

Plants make up the base of every food chain of the food web (also called the food cycle). Plants use available sunlight to convert water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air into glucose, which gives them the energy they need to live. Unlike plants, animals can’t synthesize their own food. They survive by eating plants or other animals.

Clearly, animals eat plants. What’s not so clear from this picture is that plants also eat animals. They thrive on them, in fact (just Google “fish emulsion”). In my new book, “A Critique of the Moral Defense of Vegetarianism,” I call it the transitivity of eating. And I argue that this means one can’t be a vegetarian.

Source: Why it’s impossible to actually be a vegetarian –

Me?  I am a meat eater….my eyes are in the front of my head…..that makes me a predator….period!