I have always disliked that term……

Let’s go back to pre-Cold War….in those days military service was not the “hero” worship it is today……the peacetime military was small, skeletal force whose nain function was to train the civilian population to be used militarily if the need were to arise.

We are getting more and more involved in the situations around the globe…..and we have only a limited amount of troops to carry out the policies of our admins…..and it appears that those troops will lessened even further……we appear to be trying to return to the days of the skeletal force……

In 1940, the head count for active-duty soldiers in the US Army was 269,023, a low that hasn’t been reached since, the Army Times reports. But due to budget cutbacks, a drawdown plan announced last summer to whittle manpower by 40,000 troops has left the Army with its lowest post-World War II count yet: 479,172 soldiers, which is 154 fewer than those on active duty during the previous post-WWII low hit in 1999.

“These are not cuts the Army wants to make, these are cuts required by [the] budget environment in which we operate,” the Army’s vice chief of staff said in July when the plan was first announced, Fox News reports. Per the Defense Manpower Data Center, there are also just over 548,000 soldiers in reserve, bringing the total number of Army troops to 1,027,196. The ultimate goal: to hit a total force number of 980,000 by the end of September 2018.

Back in the day we had the draft to make up the difference in case of dire need…..but the Congress may finally eliminate that fall back position…..

This year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) looks set to decide the question of whether women aged 18-26 will have to register for the military draft in the United States, with a vote likely next week on Rep. Pete Sessions’ (R – TX) legislation attempting to block language that would require women to register.

The debate has happened off and on for decades and came up again with calls from the Army and Marine chiefs of staff calling for women to be brought into the Selective Service system in the name of “equality.” The Selective Service Act requires all men 18-26 to register, though none have been conscripted since 1973.

This led to some bipartisan efforts to satisfy the desire for equality in the more straightforward way, ending the Selective Service outright, though ultimately this didn’t happen and the committee put language into the NDAA forcing women to register. Sessions’ bill would remove that language.

Questions about who is or isn’t eligible for conscription have long been treated as purely academic, and officials have downplayed the money wasted on the unused Selective Service system. Secretary of State John Kerry, however, recently spoke out in support of bringing back the draft, saying he has “deep reservations” about America’s all-volunteer military.

Let’s say we drop the draft….what then when the country needs recruits fast?  Or will we start limiting our international entanglements?  (Raucous laughter…like that will EVER happen)

Treat ISIS Like an Artichoke

I have been writing a series on terrorism…..a rational look at the phenomenon without all the emotional baggage that most attach to the subject…..that alone is a monumental undertaking because of all the mental midgets attempts to spread their ill placed fears…..I will probably not be successful trying to help people understand…..because some would prefer to live under the table quaking in fear than to understand a situation……

Sorry….I digress.

ISIS has been a thorn in humanity’s side for a couple of years now and we are NO closer to defeating (ending their reign of terror) this group and its barbarous acts…..maybe there is another path we could take to that end.

(If you listen closely you can hear the “cowering Connies” mumbling to themselves)

This is a press of an article that I found interesting and well thought out….

Policy makers should peel off ISIS’s overlapping layers of recruits, weapons, and political and financial support.

Make no mistake: Bombs can and do kill ISIS fighters. But like ripping off a starfish’s leg, the bombs can’t stop ISIS from recouping its loss. ISIS derives its power from overlapping layers of political and financial support. While many of these layers include recruits and other actors far from the ISIS ideological core, the layers are bound together by resistance to both Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s mass killing and foreign military intervention.

In short, to get to the heart of the ISIS crisis, we must press our elected officials and other policy makers to treat ISIS like an artichoke. The most promising way to deal with ISIS is to strip off its overlapping layers of recruits, weapons, and political and financial support. Those layers have to be carefully peeled off, rather than beaten by a club into a mushy mess.

Source: Treat ISIS Like an Artichoke: A Non-Military Route to the Heart of the Crisis

How To Gut Progressivism

Ever wonder just how the Democratic Party become the party of money?

Look NO further than the Clintons and their puppet masters of the now defunct Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)……these were the people that gave us the Blue Dog Dems…a wordless bunch of cowards that has ever been in Washington.

Finally the party has started coming to its senses and once again embracing progress over regress……

If you would like more on the Clinton tribe and the DLC the below article is a pretty good one……

Imagine there’s no Clintons. It’s easy if you try! Without pernicious DLC, liberalism is a stronger movement today

But Clinton is a skilled politician, so she’s artfully re-aligned herself to blur their differences, with overwhelming support from the elite punditocracy.  When the dark side of the Clinton record from 1990s is raised—NAFTA,  Defense Of Marriage Act, “welfare reform,” mass incarceration, Wall Street deregulation, etc.—two defenses come readily to mind: “Hillary didn’t do it!/Bill was president” and “times change/you’re forgetting what it was like.”

These are both effective narratives in the establishment echo chamber, which is designed and intended for horse-race politics at the expense of political understanding (as well as factual accuracy).  But Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t been aligned with those policies—and with helping to create the environment in which they came to pass.  Even before entering the White House with her husband, who had promised voters  “two for the price of one” during the 1992 campaign, the pair had cast their lot in with those who moved the party to the right, most notably when Bill Clinton became head of the DLC—the Democratic Leadership Council, or as Jesse Jackson called it, “Democrats for the Leisure Class.”

Source: Clintonism screwed the Democrats: How Bill, Hillary and the Democratic Leadership Council gutted progressivism –

America…..don’t look now….but you are about to make the same mistake…….. yet again……

Boko Haram on the Back Foot?

Over a year ago the world was shocked by a group known as Boko Haram when it kidnapped over 250 school girls on a raid on their school.  Social media was frantic blogs were written and the news was dire on the fate of these girls.

In case it has slipped from your memory maybe I can help a wee bit……

About 8 months ago the world was shocked and outraged that 276 young women had been kidnapped by a terror group known as Boko Haram…….six months later no body outside Nigeria could care…

Source: Bring Back Our Girls – In Saner Thought

Today, when was the last time you heard #BeingOurGirlsBack?  My guess is about a year or so….funny how something that meant so much to the world can be crapped on by events elsewhere.

Let me help…..several countries including the Us has sent resources to Nigeria to aid the government in their on-going battle with Boko Haram….no one is saying for sure what those “resources” are….but we helped…and that is what is important, right?

Anyway….there have been stories that the leader of BH has been killed by the Nigerian army and some girls have been rescued….but what about the rest of the girls and what about the terrorist group today?

In case you are interested….and you should be……there has been a report on this situation by the International Crisis Group…….

Boko Haram is losing ground, resources and fighters. But defeating the group and preventing a future insurgency needs more than military success. The 14 May summit in Abuja is an opportunity for Nigeria and its Lake Chad basin neighbours to prepare and implement what’s been long overdue: a holistic response to the extremist group.

Source: Boko Haram on the Back Foot? – International Crisis Group

Just in case you can tear yourself away from the massive silliness of an election……and in case you actually care about what has happened and not just wanting to be part of some trendy crap!

“It’s Time for Single Payer…..”

The election of 2016 has brought about the continuing saga of the ACA (Obamacare)….of course each candidate has their own opinion on the subject….if it is the GOP it is the never ending “Repel and Replace” mantra, like a stuck record……on the Dem side we have Clinton who is pretty much happy with it the way it is and then there is Sanders who promotes a single payer system… that is not very popular with the dolts that report the news……..

I personally like the idea of a single payer system…..basically Medicare for all…….it would be the best way to see that every American has equal access to health care….but that makes me a…..wait for it……socialist.

It appears that I am not alone in wanting to see the idea of single payer return to the conversation…..

Despite limited advances provided by the Affordable Care Act, the U.S. healthcare system remains “uniquely wasteful” and profit-driven, leaving tens of millions without any insurance and even more underinsured.

As a result, say leading physicians, “the right to medical care remains a dream deferred.”

In an effort to finally realize that dream, thousands of medical professionals across the country have signed onto the “Physicians’ Proposal for Single-Payer Health Care Reform,” calling for a publicly financed, single-payer National Health Program (NHP) that would cover all Americans for all medically necessary care.

Source: 2000+ Doctors Declare: “It’s Time for Single Payer to be Back on the Table” | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community