Mysteries Of The Desert

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Since I love some history and I try to be fair to all parts of the planet…..I have a couple of stories about the continent of Africa…..that reminds me of line from a movie…”It is Africa…No one cares about Africa”….for the most part it is true.  Americans care little about the continent….so I try to write about it as often as I can especially when I find something that I think will interest my readers.

Ever see the movie “Sahara”?  It is a story about some guys searching for a civil war ironclad shipwreck in the desert…..may not be as far fetched as one would think……

Miners have been pulling diamonds from a vast area of Namibia’s Namib Desert called the Sperrgebiet (or “forbidden territory”) for more than a century. But in 2008, workers hunting for diamonds where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean found something even more precious: the likely remains of the Bom Jesus, a Portuguese sailing ship that disappeared some 500 years ago on its way to India. It’s a discovery, per recent coverage by, that solved “one of the biggest maritime mysteries.” Also, says archaeologist Dieter Noli, it’s the oldest shipwreck ever found in sub-Saharan Africa. And there’s treasure as well: Included in the find were some 2,000 gold coins from Spain and Portugal, according to Gainesville News. Upon unearthing the site of the shipwreck, per CNN, workers found pieces of metal, wood, and what looked like pipes.

Not sure what they had found, they called in Noli. “It just looked like a disturbed beach,” he told CNN earlier this month, “but lying on it were bits and pieces.” Among those were a centuries-old musket and an elephant tusk. “I thought, ‘Oh, no no, this is definitely a shipwreck,'” Noli says. Ultimately, in addition to the gold, workers recovered cannons (the pipes), navigational instruments, tons of copper ingots, swords, and a lot more—some 5,438 artifacts. Not much of the actual structure of the ship remains. But archaeologists have matched the cargo with that of the Bom Jesus (which means the “Good Jesus”) based on details found in a 16th-century book that lists the ship as lost. The stretch of coastline is known for storms. Speaking to CNN, Noli speculates that the Bom Jesus “came in, it hit a rock, and it leaned over.

Then back in the day Southern Arabia and the Horn of Africa were some of the earliest evidence of humans…..there has been new evidence that it goes back some 20,000 years ago……

THE last Ice Age made much of the globe uninhabitable, but there were oases – or refugia – where people 20,000 years ago were able to cluster and survive. Researchers at the University of Huddersfield, who specialise in the analysis of human DNA, have found new evidence that there was one or more of these shelters in what is now Southern Arabia.

Once the Ice Age receded – with the onset of the Late Glacial period about 15,000 years ago – the people of this refugium then dispersed and populated Arabia and the Horn of Africa, and might also have migrated further afield.

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Source: Researchers prove humans in Southern Arabia 10,000 years earlier than first thought | EurekAlert! Science News

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