The Enemy Within: Terrorist Enablers on the Potomac

I am in the process of writing a white paper on terrorism…..people do not understand the terror or the action….they have nothing to relate to other than mindless rhetoric in the news and on some blogs…..

Of course the people that want to hate are going to hate….but I hope that some would care enough to learn about the subject……

The US has a  tendency to jump mindlessly into different situations that in turn have dire consequences… times.

Hillary Clinton and CIA director David Petraeus had a brilliant idea: they would fund, arm, and train a proxy army in Syria, overthrow the regime of strongman Bashar al-Assad, and jump on the rapidly moving train of the “Arab Spring” to extend US influence in the region. What could go wrong? Plenty. The “Free Syrian […]

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9 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Terrorist Enablers on the Potomac

  1. From your referenced article ….. “. . .What we need is a foreign policy that puts America first: stop defending the Saudis, stop intervening on the side of our enemies, and leave the snake-pit of the Middle East to stew in its own poisonous juices. Before we can do that, however, our bought-and-paid-for political class has to be swept away in a tide of populist anger of the very sort that we are now seeing arising all over the country. . .”

    This is the most common sense in a single sentence that I have seen in a long time.

  2. Reblogged this on John Liming's Blog and commented:
    This is the most common sense about U.S. Mid East Policy that I have seen in a long long time and it is one of the reasons that I am definitely not going to be voting for a Clinton Administration. (Although given the lineup of candidates I am hard-pressed to understand any better choice because none of them impress me in the least … with the exception of Trump (Perhaps .. I am still not settled on that idea) — but this article hits the nail squarely on the head. However there is still a downside. I do not expect to see the U.S. changing their policies very much .. especially if the Industrial/Military Complex sees a dollar to be made on keeping the hostilities afloat. These are the times we live in, folks.

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