“I WILL NOT Accept!”

This election is a wealth of entertaining skits……and thanx to them the media can go around speculating their butts off….after all it is what they do….news means nothing to them.

The most recent comedic skit was that of Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and his presser yesterday….

His name keeps coming up as a savior candidate for the GOP, and Paul Ryan keeps insisting he’s not interested. But on Tuesday afternoon, the House speaker sought to end the speculation once and for all. “I do not want, nor will I accept the Republican nomination,” he said emphatically at a news conference, reports the AP. If nobody has the necessary number of delegates to secure the nomination at the GOP convention, the party should then choose someone from among those who were declared candidates, he said. “Count me out.” (One forecast had put his odds of becoming the nominee at 54%.)

He sounds forceful in his claim, don’t you think?

Keep in mind that this the same thing he said when the story circulated that he would be the Speaker of the House.

I did not believe his act then so why would I believe it now?

After his campaign like video of him in the House as Speaker and his history of BS….I would say that this is just a set up for if and when he is offered the nomination.

Will he or won’t he?

5 thoughts on ““I WILL NOT Accept!”

  1. This just in:

    Even though he’s no more of an American than Ted Cruz is, even though he’s not a Republican and hates practically all of their policies, Sedate Me has announced that he IS willing to accept the nomination of the Republican Party for President, should they have the good sense to give it to him in a Brokered Convention.

    “I might actually be able to save these imbeciles from themselves,” a smirking Sedate Me commented, “I could at least do better than Cruz. Then again, so could my dog.”

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