Drudge Report Emerges as Factor in GOP Race

One of my biggest bitches about the American voting public is that they do not try to learn all aspects of an issue before voting….instead they find sites that will do nothing to enhance their knowledge but rather just reinforce their particular stands……

Take the Drudge Report, many Righties use this site as some sort of prophetic site….I am not one of those….I feel that Drudge like Infowars and others are nothing but rags not suitable for toilet paper………..but it appears that the Drudge is becoming very influential in the GOP race….

Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report have become a big focus of the Republican race this week. Things really took off Monday when Ted Cruz told a conservative radio host that Drudge’s website “has basically become the attack site for the Trump campaign,” reports BuzzFeed. Cruz took exception to several headlines on the site suggesting that he had won in Colorado over the weekend thanks only to insider politics by party leaders bent on defeating Donald Trump. “And most days, they have six-month-old article that is some attack on me, and it’s whatever the Trump campaign is pushing that day will be the banner headline on Drudge,” said Cruz. He added that “they no longer cover news.” As the Hill reports, Drudge has responded by linking to a January story in which Cruz sounded pleased with the site: “We have got the Internet, we have got the Drudge Report,” he said at the time.

Drudge also linked to an analysis in the Washington Post headlined, “Ted Cruz’s war with Matt Drudge could become a huge problem for his campaign.” In that piece, James Hohmann writes that a “word cloud” from social media shows that Drudge is making an impact, with the words “cheating” and “drudge” showing up among mentions of Cruz’s Colorado win. This should worry Cruz because it could make his victories seem illegitimate to conservatives. “If Cruz wins the nomination at a contested convention in Cleveland, he will need these grass-roots activists to rally around him,” writes Hohmann. “If regular Drudge readers believe he did not win fair and square, they will be less inclined to do so.” A blogger at the American Spectator, meanwhile, dismisses the “reprehensible” coverage on Drudge as “cheap tabloid tricks.” Trump is looking for a “distraction” from the reality that he was beaten soundly in Colorado, where the rules were clear, writes Ross Kaminsky.

Sites like this are not for information and education….they serve only as an ideology portal.

So will Drudge work as a paid agent for the Trump campaign?  That would eliminate the “fair and balanced” bullsh*t that most of the Right push almost daily.

What say you?

17 thoughts on “Drudge Report Emerges as Factor in GOP Race

      1. I’m a stubborn old fart too but sigh…..i’m often too tired to do my own investigating. Not always…just often. There are just times, i read and accept…your posts are often some of those times but at least you provide links to start my own research. That gives me a starting point, if i’m not under the covers because of EVERYTHING else or just plain too tired to care! me

  1. Well … if the “Rag” is becoming influential in the race then I guess not everybody shares the same opinion of it now do they? The question then becomes not whether or not it is influential but “How” influential.

  2. Infowars? From what little I’ve (intentionally) seen of Drudge, the Drudge Report makes Infowars look as professional as the BBC! Dude had 1-2 good stories 20 years ago and has been milking it ever since. He just started dribbling on the Web-pipes first, that’s all.

      1. Maybe. But “mostly made up” means some of it AIN’T. (Mostly the Big Brother stories) But like I always say…“Not that I pay much attention to Jones, but I see him as the broken clock that’s right two very, very, scary times a day.” Usually based on half-decent info. It’s the conclusions he draws that are off.

        But either way, The Drudge Report STILL makes Infowars look like the BBC by comparison. To refresh myself, I visited both pages today and discovered:

        – How utterly amateurish the Drudge Report looks (at least on my browser). It was better in the 90’s!
        – Both websites ironically use lots of links to far more mainstream websites. However, Infowars writes FAR more content than Drudge. Infowars prefers to use outside links as “evidence”, rather than as a substitute for their own content. Of the 10 “Drudge” stories I clicked on, NOT ONE was actually written by the Drudge website. No “news bloodhounds” there. Just more lazy media-bastards cashing in on the work of others. (It’s as if Matt Drudge died last year…Or was that Andrew Bitefart?)

        And funnily enough, this story was on the Infowars front page (beside a story on Israeli soldiers burning Palestinian flags)
        And we all know nobody legit talks about survival bunkers, right? 😉

        Upon checking out that luxury German survival bunker….another shocking revelation courtesy of Infowars. I know where that is!!! I’ve been in that area dozens of times. I’ve ridden the friggin’ train in the video! That’s 10 minutes from where my dad used to live (causing PROFUNC to consider me a Red Diaper Baby.) Now those same Commies may just save my ass, rather than condemn it. The irony!

        I’m saving every penny I got from now on! That ain’t just surviving, man, that’s LIVING!

      2. I’m imagining myself in that luxurious German doomsday bunker! Mmmm. Even if Doomsday never comes, at least I’ll have a great place to sleep off the hangover from all the German beer, sausages…and the fräuleins! Last time I was there…holy shit! Thought I was gonna die. 🙂

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