Becoming One Of The Mole People

I finish up my weekend posting with a subject that I have discussed in the past with one of my more loyal readers…… (name withheld to protect the innocent)……..what to do when the “end of days” is upon us…..where to go or where to live…..

Don’t mind relocating to Limestone, Maine, in order to live through a nuclear blast? Dave and Sue Prentiss have just the place for you. They’re selling their 17-acre property—a former missile launch site from US Army program Project Nike—complete with three missile silos, two of which are still accessible, reports the Bangor Daily News. They bought the site in 1985 because the former missile assembly and testing building was ideal for Dave’s car-restoration business. They then added a two-bedroom home and turned the former 100-person barracks into a three-bedroom apartment. But they’re now ready to part ways and say 10,000 square feet of underground space—storage for missiles that were removed after the site was shut down in the 1960s—would be great for living or doing some hydroponic gardening.

It would also prove useful if North Korea or zombies ever attack. “Some of the people who buy these do talk about zombies and others are survivalists,” says Edward Peden of Kansas real estate company 20th Century Castles; he has sold 60 missile sites and lives on one himself. He tells Fox News the Nike sites’ “very heavy and durable concrete” makes them “some of the best to resist a nuclear blast.” Peden says the property is worth $300,000 to $500,000, but there’s added “historic significance” as it’s one of roughly 150 old Nike sites. While the Prentisses are looking to downsize, Dave says he’ll miss having military members previously stationed at the base swing by to tell him about it. “It’s been great, a cool place to live,” he says. “It’s been heaven.”

Something to consider if you are truly concerned about the approaching “zombie apocalypse”……buy a good sword and move underground……

I recall a B-rated scifi flick back in the day called “The Mole People”….we will become our own worst nightmare?

23 thoughts on “Becoming One Of The Mole People

  1. Sadly, as a student of history, and science, I have to say an apocalyptic ending for our species is looking pretty unavoidable. Whether or not any of us humans will survive at all is questionable, as it is for all the oxygen breathing life forms on the planet, as our foolish ignorance of what we are doing with our ‘scientific progress’ is going to cause some rather nasty changes to our atmosphere, at the very least, making it, most likely, impossible for us to breathe.

    I don’t believe people will become zombies; I do believe, if any of us live, we WILL become more of a feral beast, resembling our ancestors who lived in caves, than a canny, top of the food chain predator. And, that is if we can live, at all, in a world that will be different in ways we cannot predict. It is possible there won’t be ANY vegetable life forms for us to eat, as the coming changes may eradicate the conditions under which they can live, as well. If we can’t grow food to eat, and it won’t grow on its own, how will we survive, unless we eat each other? I don’t believe we have the technology to be able to mitigate such conditions.

    So, yes, we probably are headed for such troubles; I don’t, however, think it will last very long….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. “I don’t believe people will become zombies”

      Have you just sat & watched people lately? They already are zombies! With their damn cell-phones in their hands all the time, their bodies stagger around completely independent of (what passes for) their minds. Slack jawed, drooling, virtual corpses whose only muscle tone is in their fingers. I could drop a bomb in my local mall and, unless the story hit their Twit Zone news-feed, they’d have NO clue that they’re under a pile of rubble.

      I almost plowed into one today at the mall. She was walking straight at me for 20-30M in the “wrong lane”, jaw open & eyes glazed over. She just happened to look up at the very last second and rudely split between me & the person I was with…without even lowering her screen. (I was NOT going to move. She was going down!)

      I expect we’re going to devolve into a race of humans not unlike the opening scenes in the original Planet of The Apes. Un-speaking, primate, pests wondering the remnants of the civilization we destroyed.

      1. 🙂

        I do empathize with your dilemma, in deciding whether or not to mow down the walking bozoid slave; however, I think, if you took her arm off with your sword, (as I’d be at least tempted to do…), she’d most likely stay down, whereas a true zombie would pick up the phone with the remaining arm & come after you, necessitating a minimum of one, possibly two more strokes to get her to lose complete function.

        Maybe you’re right, though…


  2. O my, Americans and their ongoing believe that the end is near.

    O my, those Americans that prep in excess for whatever disaster they are convinced of will happen. Living in a country with enormous free spaces, makes that one easier.

    And if all is still not lost enough, than there is the rapture. A very almost entirely limited American idea.

    Why Americans have a love for exaggeration and doom and gloom, I really don’t know!

    1. Had Americans not had their love for exaggeration they would have never considered the excesses of the King who once ruled over them …. Had Americans not entertained their sense of doom and gloom they would have held their English Captors as blessings from God and would have never picked up the first musket to create for themselves a new nation.

      1. You need no exaggeration to excess a king who ruled over them. Neither doom and gloom

        The Dutch have done that more than a century befor the Americans did.

        The struggle for Indepenence against King Philips II of Spain, at that point the economical and most influencial worldpower of that time took of and on eighty years. This struggle is called The Eighty Years War. (1568-1648).

        The Act of Abjuration (Dutch: Plakkaat van Verlatinghe), signed on 26 July 1581 in The Hague and confirming the decision made by the States General of the Netherlands in Antwerp on 22 July 1581, formally declared all magistrates in the provinces which united in the Union of Utrecht absolved of their oath of allegiance to their overlord, Philip II of Spain. It stated that by oppressing and violating the ancient rights of his subjects, Philip was considered to have vacated his thrones in the Low Countries. As such, it was the formal declaration of independence of the Low Countries (the Dutch Republic).

        Tthe Netherlands,consists in large part of polders, land reclaimed from the sea, which requires constant pumping and maintenance of the dykes. Ever since the Middle Ages, when the process of land reclamation began, different societies living in the same polder have been forced to cooperate because without unanimous agreement on shared responsibility for maintenance of the dykes and pumping stations, the polders would have flooded and everyone would have suffered.
        Crucially, even when different cities in the same polder were at war, they still had to cooperate in this respect.

        The Dutch did all that without exaggeration and without doom and gloom!

  3. Innocent? In this 1984-ish world we all live in, we are all “guilty until proven innocent”…and even then it’s just due to a “lack of evidence”.

    (More comments to come)

  4. Questionable location, being so close to an airbase. It offers possible protection, but it’s also a possible target. All depends on how shit goes down, I guess. I certainly could expect well armed visitors requesting my food supplies, etc. I could probably get to the place in time, depending on how shit goes down. But I’d need a low flying aircraft that could get me across the US border undetected.

    But I love that guy’s entrance. Just a metal cellar door perfectly disguised by a collection of classic snowmobiles. No clue its there. It’s a huge facility with good surrounding property size…and it’s fenced in. Perfect size for aquaponics. They already have fruit orchards above ground with the possible for additional above ground crops & a landing strip. It even comes with a barracks, for your above-ground security force. Pretty good price and pretty good property taxes. Unfortunately, it’s a “fixer-upper”. That would really eat into my (minuscule) survival budget. It’s bad enough I’d have to buy an aircraft.

    It’s probably the kind of thing you’d have to get into as a “survival commune” you build up as a team, verses a ready-to-move-in “condo unit” where everyone lives fairly independently.

      1. Call me a 1%-er…(if only!)

        But If it keeps me isolated from the mindless hoards of desperate, soulless, zombies out there (aka humanity)…I’m more than cool with that trade-off!

      2. The problem with thinking is that the hoards of zombies want to eat your brains and turn you into one of them. Unless you’ve got a survival bunker, you better hope the metal plate in your head you got in Vietnam will keep you safe.

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