Can You Explain The Media?

I have not had much good to say about our MSM….personally, I would trust a 5 year old at the playground for more accurate information……with that said I saw a good cartoon on Twitter and just had to grab it….it explains a lot….at least to me.


Works for me… about you?


8 thoughts on “Can You Explain The Media?

      1. I don’t see it either. Then again,it could be my myriad of blocking software spiking shit from The Twit Zone.

  1. It’s missing a couple wires; there should be one marked ‘Lies”…..and, one marked “delusions” to cover all the religious channels, as well as those covering Congress.

    Plus, I don’t believe one could ever assign to the MSM any such efficiency as might be found in the dumbest of computers…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Have you noticed that Putin is the big story in the Panama Papers? Not much said about the King of Saudi Arabia or the leader of UAE or PM of Ukraine..all of whom are UIS buds…..but Putin is the cad here. chuq

      1. Aye, but, then, we consider the source of any information we process, without necessarily buying into ANY of it. These days, I try to take it all in, then deduce which parts are real, and which are false flags, and which are just plain ignorance… The reality, sadly, usually falls well inside the “insane” category….


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