Clinton And Her “Safe Zones”

Today you will see many things that Clinton said during her day at the hearings……so I will not bore you with a rehash of her words from today…..But I wan to talk about something she has said in the past….

I admit it….I was not paying particular attention to the Dem debate of last week…..for me I was more interested in what Bernie was going to say than any other candidate…..that was wrong on my part….I should have paid better attention.

I recently printed out a transcript of the debate and read the comments and responses by all the candidates…..and I found something that needed me to write about….if only I had paid better attention……

Robert Naiman wrote about a response that Clinton and then Bernie gave about the situation in Syria and the flow of refugees……

CLINTON: … And, to — provide safe zones so that people are not going to have to be flooding out of Syria at the rate they are. And, I think it’s important too that the United States make it very clear to Putin that it’s not acceptable for him to be in Syria creating more chaos, bombing people on behalf of Assad, and we can’t do that if we don’t take more of a leadership position, which is what I’m advocating.

SANDERS: Well, let’s understand that when we talk about Syria, you’re talking about a quagmire in a quagmire. You’re talking about groups of people trying to overthrow Assad, other groups of people fighting ISIS. You’re talking about people who are fighting ISIS using their guns to overthrow Assad, and vice versa. I’m the former chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee, and in that capacity I learned a very powerful lesson about the cost of war, and I will do everything that I can to make sure that the United States does not get involved in another quagmire like we did in Iraq, the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of this country. We should be putting together a coalition of Arab countries who should be leading the effort. We should be supportive, but I do not support American ground troops in Syria.

CLINTON: …Well, nobody does. Nobody does, Senator Sanders.

I hate to be the one to point this out to Clinton…..but to provide “safe zones” will take American troops to keep the zones “safe”…..sorry but there is NO way to provide such areas without the use of troops…..

This is an exchange between McCain and a general at a hearing…….

The video of the exchange is here. The full video of the hearing is here.

MCCAIN: Would you recommend a no-fly zone in Syria?

AUSTIN: I would not recommend it at this point, sir.

MCCAIN: … Would you recommend telling — setting up a buffer zone in Syria where these refugees might…

AUSTIN: It will take a ground force to be able to protect the refugees if we do that, sir.

MCCAIN: Would you support a buffer zone which would then protect some of these refugees …?

AUSTIN: I don’t see the force available to be able to protect them currently, sir. So I would not recommend it at this point in time.

Naiman made a great observation……(Have you noticed how Republicans who demand that we “listen to our generals” when they ask for more troops don’t seem to be interested in listening to our generals when they say “that’s not going to work unless we send troops”?)

Clinton can say “No One Wants To Send In Troops”…..but her plan is only workable with the use of troops…..

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      1. Bit like East Enders and Coronation Street…Kardashians…….the decline and fall….:(

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