A historical act of war: The illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation

Time for the history lesson you all dread…..but buck up and read on…….

We Americans all know that Hawaii is our 50th state…..but if you do not live within its borders….what do you actually know about our newest state?

We are taught about such evens as the Alamo or Valley Forge or the Gold Rush…..but what are we taught about Hawaii?  Basically, it is our 50th state…..period.

My guess is not much more than…… they have great beaches, an active volcano and grow pineapples……did I come close?

As usual with our history there is always so much more…… did you know……..

The truth is that each and every step along Hawaii’s path from sovereign and independent nation, to annexed territory, to state, was done in violation of laws and treaties then in effect, without regard to the wishes of the Hawaiian people. Many people, including President Grover Cleveland, opposed the annexation of Hawaii.

But in the end, simple greed and military interest overrode any concerns or moral right and legality. Hawaii’s legitimate government was toppled using threat of American military force. Hawaii was stolen from her people for the benefit of wealthy American plantation owners and military interests, and the justifications for the crime were invented after-the-fact………

I am always looking for something interesting in history to pass along to my readers….especially pertaining to the make-up of the US and the history that is involved in the making of this country.

I present a short history of the great state of Hawaii……

Source: A historical act of war: The illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation — Secret History — Sott.net

12 thoughts on “A historical act of war: The illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I’ve been wondering about Hawaii’s history … need to find a book about. This reminds me of Puerto Rico’s history … all of this was done tp PR without the “benefit” of statehood …. Bad, bad USA!!

    1. Most people do not know that there is very little of the country that was not stolen or conned into the Union…..time for some real history to make it to the light of day….chuq

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