The Ripper: Mystery Solved!

It is a Sunday morn and all is right with the world…well it will be as soon as I get my damn coffee!

Today is one of my days to mentally tune out and do things that make me smile…..(use your imagination)….

I do love a good murder mystery and what better mystery than that of Jack the Ripper?

How many movies have been made about Jack the Ripper?  Too many to name here….but there seems to be something more to the story……we may have a solution to the age old mystery of who the Ripper was in real life…..

It may have taken 15 years and an 800-page tome set to be published next week, but UK writer and director Bruce Robinson thinks he’s finally cracked the mystery of Jack the Ripper. “I honestly think I’ve nailed the horrible f—er,” he tells the Telegraph. Robinson is best known for writing and directing Withnail and I and The Rum Diary and receiving an Oscar nomination for his screenplay for The Killing Fields. But he’s apparently spent the past decade and a half figuring out the identity of Jack the Ripper, who killed five women in London over nine weeks in 1888.

He’s preparing to publish the fruits of those 15 years in They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper next week. In short, he believes the Ripper was Michael Maybrick, a popular singer and composer who was also a prominent Freemason—and Robinson believes it was the bonds of Freemasonry that kept the killer’s identity hidden, with other prominent Freemasons working to cover up his crimes. Read the full story here.

Is the mystery really solved or just another dude making a buck off the legend?

33 thoughts on “The Ripper: Mystery Solved!

    1. Hello. There are so many different theories. One simply claimed he died. Another said he moved to the United States (don’t remember what city). Because when the Ripper stopped another serial killer started with the same trade mark in the USA.

      1. Thanx so much for the visit……I like the the premise that it was to protect the heir to the throne, Albert, from scandal….once the people were eliminated the killings stopped….

      2. Far from….but at least they get me to think and check sources….as long it is not some damn silly reality thing….chuq

    2. You’d have to ask him yourself. He-he.

      The only way of knowing why he stopped is to know who he was. Then again, who’s to say he actually stopped? He may have just moved to a new place with less intense media coverage. At least 2-3 “prime suspects” crossed the Atlantic before/after the Whitechapel Murders and several other suspects tried to blow/blew town for somewhere else.

      Basically any killer with half a brain and 2 Pound Sterling to rub together, even one who couldn’t stop, would have gotten as far from London as possible….unless they had “protection”, or were so bat-shit crazy & out of control, they’d be caught or killed almost immediately. This is why all the best candidates died, moved, or were caught for something else shortly after the last murder. You just can’t bottle that kind of high-density shit up.

      With all the memorable media over-hype of its day, people forget “Jack” only killed (at most) 5 people attributed to him and in just a few months time. (Others attribute double that, but few ever talk about that.) But that’s still fewer bodies and less blood than your average episode of American Horror Story Or, for that matter, your average School Shooter Of The Month, who are quickly forgotten.

      Just plonk those murders outside of the centre of the media universe of its day and only the locals would ever have noticed them then, never mind remember them today. We remember only because it was the 1st such mass-murder that fell under heavy mass-media attention. Since then, it’s become a Ghost Story. Not so curiously, most Jack talk happens in October.

      And mystery. Guessing who it was makes a great parlour game and it’s perfectly “safe” to turn the grisly 100+ year old murders of desperately poor, expendable, women into a sport, right? If Jack had actually been caught, odds are good the only people who could name him today are the kind of psychos who buy True Crime books.

      1. You made some very poignant statements here that one just doesn’t seem to contemplate once the media attention is applied. Thank you for such a lengthy and concise reply.

      2. Anytime. “Lengthy” and “poignant” are no problem for me, but concise…is a little tougher.

      1. absolutley , i really do love your blog its literally one of my favorite

      2. oh history has always been interesting, its up to us to show people that =)

  1. There were other likely subjects who are persons of interest, but too many years have gone by and, why not, each, of those persons of interest, having commited something, or participated somehow, or known to one another, as a common street element?

  2. Well, if somebody can keep a dirty little secret under wraps for centuries, it’s the fucking Catholic Church Freemasons. Their tongues are made of…wait for it…magnificently sculpted stone. And, like the Catholic Church, they protect their own at ALL costs.

    Now, I don’t want to just hand over MY secret identity to the (Thought) Police, who are always watching. But I know the building a few serious “Ripper-oligists” think was the site of Jack’s FIRST murder…right here in North America. He’s a Ripper “longshot”, but he was a Doc & a confirmed murderer who fled to England and was executed for a murder there not long after Jack’s murders supposedly stopped.

    For several years, I passed the building on the way home from work every day. Nice old building that was always occupied and in good shape. A few years back, the fucktards at City Hall authorized a demolition permit for it, so the billionaire owner could create 8 more ground level parking spaces for his 250-300 space car park beside it. This is a lot that is NEVER more than half full. But the owner claimed he needed those extra spots as part of a residential high rise development. Because…a 1,000+ unit residential high rise depends on those 8 ground level parking spots? But needless to say, his decades of City Hall bribery got him exactly what he wanted without a peep of opposition. (Coincidentally, in Jack’s Day, Freemasons used to run the show around here and are rumoured to still have big influence.)

    The building was completely flattened the very next morning after the unanimous vote. Even the historical society said to reporters “Screw the history. Smash her up cause we don’t want any part of that Ripper connection.” Not ONE piece/item from this building was saved, or re-used, not even the bricks. But 5+ years later, not only has the high rise never materialized (or was ever mentioned again)…the billionaire owner didn’t even bother to pave over the hole left behind and add those 8 parking spots!!! Last I heard, it’s still just open dirt on the edge of his half empty parking lot.

    So every time I hear about Jack The Ripper, I think of the open patch of dirt where Jack’s first “rip” legitimately might have happened. I think of a city that has EASILY spent over $100 million in the last 5-ish years desperately trying to attract tourists…as it eagerly demolishes historical buildings and cuts funding to every museum & attraction in town.

    It’s like…..slitting your own throat! (Rimshot please!)

    1. That is what I bitch about a lot in my area…..we have No historic buildings left…they have torn them down to make way for a casino or some glass and steel abortion…..our local courthouse has adequate parking but they floated a law to build a new parking garage….after almost 2 years of inconvenience we got our parking garage and in the end and all the money spent we got 5 additional parking places over the old way…..all this is just bullshit.

      1. Parking uber alles!!!

        We still have a lot of historical buildings left, but the new Town Councillors who got elected promoting themselves as “anti-developer” are working overtime to fix that. They’re actually earning their bribes for a change. Virtually every other property in the greater downtown area has a proposal for a hideous glass tower to be built on it…except for the properties that are currently parking lots! Several dozen perfectly good old buildings will bite the dust before the next election, but only ONE parking lot has a proposal to build on it…and it lost a key vote and may be dead! Even the properties that were cleared of old buildings decades ago to build shit that never got built and were turned into “temporary” parking lots aren’t going to be touched!

        As for casinos, my Shitty Hall has torn down several, perfectly good, frequently used, small exhibit buildings on a property it owns to make way for a casino. The joke is that absolutely EVERYBODY in town knows it’s to make way for a casino, but absolutely NOBODY is saying it the word “casino” out loud. The level of denial is laughable!

        “Sure, we make tens (if not hundreds of thousands) from renting these buildings every year, but we need to tear them down because…uh…leaves were blowing across the parking lot and into the buildings’ front doors, thus forcing us to pay janitors double-time every fall. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

        But here’s the catch, not only has my provincial government NOT licenced the city (or any other city) for a new casino, they haven’t even proposed the legislation required to legalize the licence granting process! It’s years away at best, yet my city demolished those buildings years ago, kissing that special event rental money bye-bye for good.

        I am trapped under the rule of retards!

      2. We have 12 casinos in the two cities….and we still cannot properly fund education which was where the money from the casinos was to go……only people winning from casinos are the politicians that conned the people into voting for their thievery….

  3. I’m kind of surprised that so few have suggested “Jack” was more than just one person. Especially considering the cops wondered if “Jack” was responsible for up to 11 murders in the Whitechapel area in a 3 year period. I’ve always found it interesting that those other murders of similar victims, in the same area, in a similar time-frame, weren’t more associated with Jack.

    Sure, some of it was probably legit, due to evidence & whatnot. But perhaps it was a deliberate case of “Let’s minimize this.” If so, there are only a few reasons:

    1) The cops had NO fucking clue what they were doing and just wanted the circus to stop. So, they no longer attributed anything to Jack, even as Jack’s work continued. Definite possibility.

    2) The killer had “protection”, which could only mean VIP/cop/Freemason etc. If such a “prime suspect” was “relocated”/silenced by others just when the murders actually stopped, that would certainly make this theory possible.

    3) There was no single killer. “Jack” may have been a team, or a complete fraud/prank. It could have just been 11 murders of poor, disposable, women that nobody would have noticed, or cared about…except for the Jack The Ripper character and the resulting media circus. A 5 person mass murderer is somehow FAR “more important” than 11 murders committed by 11 people. Borrrring!!!

    Even back then, media circuses had a tendency to distract people from the true nature of what’s really going on and morph the proper context into something else. For example, a city full of women made so marginalized & so desperate by economic & social conditions, (some estimates put the number of Victorian era London prozzies as high as 80,000!) that the only way they become visible is to be butchered by a mythological beast.

      1. Is that the one With Johnny Depp? If so, I did, but only vaguely recall it. Actually, if I remember, I was getting a “handy”, so my attention was a little diverted. 🙂

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