Another Tea Party Assault on Democracy

The Tea Party is always around to throw cold water on anything that reeks of progress…..and the members in Congress have renamed their little Caucus….they are now the “Freedom Caucus”….clever little name for a group that wants everything but more democracy…….their cutesy slogans say one thing and their actions tell the real story…….anti-woman, anti-black, anti-progress and anti-freedom…….

Americans have fallen victim to the paranoia of the Radical Right……their fake situations are leading this country down the drain wrapped in that stupid yellow flag with the snake……

Source: Another Tea Party Assault on Democracy


6 thoughts on “Another Tea Party Assault on Democracy

  1. Unquestionably the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. Nothing but a poor attempt to slow down the process of a republic trying to regain the attention of it’s own government. An attention that’s been lost for many years.

    What the Tea Party has done is to show that the power elite is not invulnerable. This by definition, is Democracy in action and it scares the hell out of the power elite/status quo.

  2. Tea Party constituents are disgusted by govt gridlock perhaps more than any group but yet keep electing congressmen and senators that cause the gridlock. They remind of republicans that after the 1964 debacle were screaming “Goldwater ’68 !” There is nothing wrong with big government because this is a big country with a big population with big things that must be done. The problem is to have effective big government and they are the antithesis of such.

  3. RWNJ created this monster based on some warped ideological purity which can never bet met. It is destroying itself. Sometimes it is more rapid than others, but it is doomed to failure.

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