Don’t Underestimate Free Syrian Army

Well I awoke breathing so that “end of days” prediction was about as worthless as the morons that predicted it……

Shall we move on to real news and real situations?

We all have heard of the Free Syrian Army (FSA)… the beginning of the US interests on the Syrian situation the FSA was what would become known as the “moderate” rebels…….that was in the beginning…..then it morphed into some moronic debate on who was the purist of intentions……and that dialog was load by the war hawks and their constant barrage of “moderate” rebel BS.

There then was a massive debate on just who were we going to suppoprt in this fight….but first the confusion of who to fight was it Assad, AQ, ISIS or a whole wealth of random entities….just who was the true enemy?

There is a story in the HuffPo that sorta covers this big foreign policy mystery….the true moderate rebels……read on…..

Source: Syria, the Times and the Mystery of the “Moderate Rebels” | David Bromwich

My regular readers will know that I follow war, almost ALL wars very closely…..and that the western media seldom covers the conflicts properly….they give the American people just enough information to call it news…..details are seldom part of the report……

In other words the media is used as a tool to tamp down any information that could lead to a strong anti-war movement….without information the protesters have very little to go on to tailor their protests… is a brilliant piece of propaganda……apparently the government learned a valuable lesson from Vietnam and the free access to the war…….

Any way with that little rant out of the way I can get back to the main thought of this post……

I spend a lot of time reading Middle East news sources and getting information we seldom hear or read in this country……and the story I am getting is that the FSA is not the bumbling pack of incompetents they they have been portrayed as here in the US………

This is a report written by Al-Monitor, a Middle East news site……

What is more, the state-owned media have ignored the revolution throughout its four years, and have failed to acknowledge that army soldiers are defecting. These soldiers have become the pillars of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the revolution’s military wing. The regime says only that it is fighting against extremist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and IS. It is as though these groups control all Syrian territories, and the Syrian army is battling against them day and night.

However, the reality is much different. Anyone who follows what is actually happening on the ground knows that there are no battles between the Syrian army and IS. The areas IS controls were won through short battles for wide spaces and large warehouses. This was the case in Palmyra, where IS confiscated the second-largest ammunition warehouse in Syria.

Meanwhile, the FSA is completely dismissed when it comes to media coverage. It was formed early in the revolution and developed into an army defending civilians in regions outside the regime’s control. From a defense group, it grew to become an attack force and took over areas previously controlled by the regime.

Source: Don’t underestimate Free Syrian Army – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

The FSA will be playing a roll in any settlement of the Syrian conflict….to ignore them and dismiss them outright is doing a grave injustice to the Syrian opposition and the Syrian people.

You now have information at your finger tips….do with it as you see fit……and I fear as usual NOTHING will be done with the information.

The readers of IST are the best informed people in the blogosphere….if it is international you will find it here!

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