‘Can We Abolish War?’

For some time now I have questioned……… what has happened to any substantial anti-war movement in the US?

We are involved in so many armed conflicts that someone should be demanding that there be some sort of accountability for these actions.  But instead we get nothing….the media is especially involved in a propaganda war to help keep the people from protesting these wars….

Really?  The American people are okay with a war that has continued for 14 years with NO end in sight.

Personally, I liked it when Americans stood up with balls and ask the hard questions of the government over their necessity to fight wars……the War on Terror has the exemption of accountability….

Recently a question was asked by an Afghan student….read on…..

Source: A Question From Afghanistan, ‘Can We Abolish War?’ « Antiwar.com Blog

Amazing!  A young Afghan woman asked the hard questions while the adults scratch their ass and throw bombs…..

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