Average Joe For Prez?

I recall about a year ago the media was pushing Clinton as the Dem nominee…..and then her e-mails became the story and she slowly slid down in the polls and the media was caught flat footed….I am her only rival is Bernie and god forbid that they get behind him for he is a……socialist (said under their breath)……..

The scramble was on…..who to make the story about now that Hillary is becoming more and more unpopular……enter our man in DC…Joe Biden.

The MSM now has a new fave that they can push and push….even though he has not decided one way or the other…..that matters not….the media wants him and they will push him until he decides to make them happy……

Personally, not a big fan of Clinton…..Joe would be my fave if Bernie was no longer present……but does Joe have any advantages if he decides to run?

Let’s go to the tale of the tape…….

Now would be a good time for Joe Biden to enter the 2016 race. Sure, he’d lose the element of surprise come debate time, but he’d pop up as the most popular candidate according to a recent poll. The survey from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, taken from Sept. 20-24, shows 40% of Americans view Biden in a positive light, compared to 28% who see him negatively. That equals a favorability rating of 12. Bernie Sanders is next with 10, followed by Ben Carson with 8, Carly Fiorina at 7, Hillary Clinton at -8, and Donald Trump with -33. Biden would also have the upper hand in a match against Trump, besting him by 19 points. Sanders would defeat him with a 16-point advantage, while Clinton would be up 10 points. When it comes to all other GOP candidates, however, Clinton is plus or minus one point, the poll shows.

Biden, meanwhile, would defeat Jeb Bush and Carson each by eight points and Fiorina by six points. Of course, things would likely change if he chooses to run. A pollster notes “history has shown that the public has a much harsher filter when people become candidates,” and most of the focus on Biden is currently on his decision to run after the tragic death of his son, which draws sympathy. Biden now has the support of 17% of Democratic primary voters, compared to 35% for Sanders and 42% for Clinton, and he appears to take support almost entirely from Clinton. With Biden out of the race, Clinton would improve to 53% over Sanders’ 38%. The poll also shows support for Bush as the top pick for the GOP nomination has fallen from 22% in June to 7%, per the Journal. Half of GOP primary voters name Fiorina, Carson, or Trump as their top choice.

If Joe runs….how will he do?  My guess is pretty good considering the front runners of the GOP……


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