He Said What?

Did I mention the Pope stopped by for a cup of Joe?  Well he said he was the Pope and who am I to dispute a man in a white dress?

This month we will say good-bye to Boehner, Speaker of the House and the Freedom Caucus will not have him to kick around anymore….

Looks like Rep. Kevin McCarthy is vying for the position of Speaker……all I can do is laugh……why?

In the coming years the most daunting task the government will have is in the area of foreign policy…..and McCarthy is about as sharp there as a rotting turnip…..he is a mumbling babbling mess….a typical GOPer these days……

His recent speech on foreign policy should point you in the direction of how he will run the House….

Kevin McCarthy is about to ascend to the highest office in the House of Representatives and become second in line to the presidency.

But there is a problem: The speaker-apparent apparently still can’t speak.

I have been tracking the California Republican’s valiant but often unsuccessful struggles with the English language for some time now, and I was alarmed to watch him lose another round Monday during a foreign policy speech to the John Hay Initiative, a new outfit of the neoconservative bent.

“If I look at history of where we are it seems a lot like 1979,” McCarthy informed his audience in the ballroom of Washington’s St. Regis hotel.

“We must engage this war of radical Islam if our life depended on it because it does,” he opined.

“I have visited Poland, Hungria, Estonia,” he said, and also “visited in our, uh, the allies in the Arab Gulf.”

He has, furthermore, been informed that we “live on the greatest nation that’s ever been on the face of the Earth.”

McCarthy called for “an effective politically strategy to match the military strategy,” and he lamented that “we have isolated Israel while bolding places like Iran.” He blamed President Barack Obama’s White House for “putting us in tough decisions for the future,” but he voiced hope that a “safe zone would create a stem the flow of refugees.” And he scolded the Department of Veterans Affairs for failing to assist returning servicemen “who fought to the death in Ramadi.”

That babbling mess from a Congressperson that has sponsored two bills…..both to rename buildings….does that make him the best person for the job?

He needs to practice before he speaks……after over a year of denying that the Faux investigation into the Benghazi debacle was a Clinton with hunt…..he said this about the investigation…….

“Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee. A select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known that any of that had happened had we not fought to make that happen,” McCarthy said.

This moron has all but admitted that the investigation was nothing more than a witch hunt…..and he wants to be Speaker of the House?  Seriously?

Think about it…if he is that big of an idiot he will be the perfect person to run the House….he can be bullied and control by the Freedom Caucus and every moronic idea will become a bill…..more money down the toilet.

I cannot wait for his next batch of utterances that will make my day…..

Thank you McCarthy!

On A Side Note:  Speaking of the Benghazi investigation……..

as if we didn’t know this was the agenda, we’ve been writing this for years here at Politicus. And just yesterday we discussed the outrageous fact that the Benghazi probe has gone on longer than the Watergate probe.

But the party that sells itself as “fiscally responsible”, in spite of their claim that “deficits don’t matter” when they were in charge, would definitely want to reimburse taxpayers the $4.5 million they have spent on lowering former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers and manufacturing sound bites for free campaign ads against her, which they will all use since Republicans always have to run “against” a person since they can’t run on their own ideas.

The GOP toads owes the American people money…….TIME TO PAY IT BACK!

3 thoughts on “He Said What?

  1. I have looked into this individual’s soul as close as I can get with nothing but a photograph to work with and it is my opinion the radicals will virtually eat him alive and he will be gone from the post in a matter of a few months at best. I could be wrong, of course.

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