Home-Schooled And Illiterate

Opinion from the cluttered mind of Chuq

One of these most important issues at all time should be education…..but these days it gets little notice. There is lots of debate over the rapid expansion of student debt and what are the causes and solutions…..but pre-k-12 gets very little notice……..that is until it is a good political prop for some politician trying to win his seat of power.

About the only time we hear anything about education is when the tools in Washington want to destroy it and make those lovely spending cuts…..

Since the 1960’s the popularity of home schooling has been on the rise……I question the quality of the education one child gets through home schooling.  To me it is just a way of pretending that is a good alternative…..when in most cases it is a bigoted response to public education.

The religious right calls it the “responsible” choice, but for some kids it means isolation with little education……

Source: Home-schooled and illiterate – Salon.com

I am a product of public education….I am not saying I should be a poster child or something….just that I received a great education that helped me make my choice when entering university…..yes my military service had something to do with it also….but without my public school education I do not think that I would be as active as I am today……mentally that is…..

Am I against home schooling….not really all together….but if it is an excuse to exercise some racist bullshit then I am.  I have run into more mental midgets that were home schooled than otherwise.

If a person cannot cope with society as a whole….what hope is there for functioning in the world at large?

I am proud of my public school education……

I apologize if this post insults anyone but in my opinion homeschooling is not a quality education.


10 thoughts on “Home-Schooled And Illiterate

  1. Re: “I question the quality of the education one child gets through home schooling”

    The home schooled student naturally rises to the highest degree of incompetence, bias, prejudice and ignorance of the one(s) doing the teaching.

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