Why Hate The United Nations (UN)?

Since I can remember conservs have hated the United Nations…….and they will go on and on about this failure or that……got me to thinking why do so many absolutely hate the UN?

I guess most of it is a monetary thing…….Best Answer:  Most Americans hate it, because we pay the majority of its bills, provide the bulk of its military power and yet are almost universally hated by the very people we try to help…….

That is a typical conserv response…….then there is another view………It’s because the UN is considered to be the epitome of idealistic ideology in that it wishes to create a world order by which nation states must be governed. Of course, since we live in a realistic or real politik world in which nations always strife to be stronger an more powerful than their neighbors, this is not possible.

In the current political order, there is no higher authority than the nation-state, making the UN obsolete.  The UN cannot impose its beliefs or statutes on its members – it can only put a certain degree of pressure on those countries it believes are in the wrong and even then those countries have the option of leaving the UN.  As long as the nation-state survives in its current form (and there is no reason which indicates it will be any different in the foreseeable future) the UN will always be met with a degree of disdain.
You should check up on political theories involving Nationalism, Realism, Mercantalism, Idealism and the Treaty of Westphalia if you want to get the big picture.

There are many opinions on the hate……..but the one that I like is those that say the the organization gets very little of consequence is accomplished………….and there is a good reason for that……the Security Council.

Most countries joined the UN for the same reason……..the hope that their region will somehow be a safe and secure place.  That has not worked out the way that most envisioned in the early days.  And with good reason.

The UN’s role in international collective security is defined by the UN Charter, which authorizes the Security Council to investigate any situation threatening international peace; recommend procedures for peaceful resolution of a dispute; call upon other member nations to completely or partially interrupt economic relations as well as sea, air, postal, and radio communications, or to sever diplomatic relations; and enforce its decisions militarily, or by any means necessary.

A great sounding role, right?  The problem is that the Security Council has 15 members……5 permanent and 10 non-permanent members…..the permanent members are US, Russia, China, UK and France, the world powers, if you will………and any action that the UN wants to do must go through the Security Council and if any ONE permanent member votes NO then the resolution is DEAD.  And there is your problem!

One nation can crap all over a worthwhile attempt to make the world a better place.  If you must hate the UN then hate the five nations that can with a single vote cause a world of problems for the planet.

All that could change and change for the better…….eliminate the power of a single nation on the Security Council.  It is that simple!

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