Retire The Warthog?

Really?  Whose idea is this?  What mental midget thinks this is a good idea?  Don’t answer…I am sure it is rooted in the defense contract swamp.

Ask a grunt when he is up to his ass in bad guys….who would he want to see come to his rescue…….a Warthog or some jet jockey that thinks he deserves a shot at Top Gun School?  My bet is they will answer the ‘Hog every time.

Sure it is slow…..ugly…….and the absolute best close combat support that the military has ever had.

Retiring the A-10 is NOT a good idea….the worst idea EVER!……..but no one asked the troops which they prefer… is all about defense contracts and money….a decision made by those that have NEVER had to fight a day in their lives…..

Retiring the ‘Hog is an injustice to American ground troops…….


The Air Force’s Rationale For Retiring The A-10 Warthog Is Bullshit.

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