Mid-Terms: It Is Just Embarrassing

For way too many years the American voter has been staying away from the mid-term elections……fewer and fewer people are turning out to vote…..some say that the people are starting to realize that the vote is just a way to legitimize the the state…..that nothing is   changing no matter how much the people want it….and then some say that the voter is just getting lazy…..whatever the reason this past election is just damn disgusting…….

Turnout is usually off in non-presidential elections, but this year’s numbers were “abysmally low,” carps the New York Times in an editorial. In fact, they were very nearly historically low. You have to go back 72 years to find a worse percentage for national turnout—this year’s figure was 36.3% vs. 33.9% in 1942. The editors blame “apathy, anger, and frustration at the relentlessly negative tone of the campaigns,” but they also see one big area ripe for improvement.

Generally speaking, states that made the voting process easier for residents had better turnout. Colorado, for instance, allowed people to vote by mail for the first time and ended up No. 4 in the nation. Early voting also seems to help. The formula for better turnout, then, is easy to state if not execute: “Politicians need to stop suppressing the vote, make the process of voting as easy as possible, and run campaigns that stand for something.” Click for the full editorial.

Personally, I just think that Americans could care less…..they do not feel that voting is as important as we pretend it is……

Opinion?  What do you think the problem is with the American voter?

6 thoughts on “Mid-Terms: It Is Just Embarrassing

  1. I’m wondering if the voter disenfranchisement methods have had more of an effect this time around then any of us have suspected. Remember in Georgia for example 40,000 registration applications magically dissappeared and the court ruled this was acceptable.

    1. Personally, I think that all the GOP efforts have paid off in spades (no pun intended)…look for it to continue now that they have something like 39 states they control….

  2. Some commentators feel that a “no vote” is like a vote for the conservative party, because the older folks will almost always get out and vote, and they vote conservative.

    So a “no vote” tends to help the conservative party.

    The Midterms bear this out….the older voters showed up, but not many younger voters did…

    1. My problem is that we have 2 choices and both are bad…I do not like having to hold my nose to vote….a 3rd party but depends on where you live…..give the people a ‘real’ choice and more may participate…..chuq

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