Your Average Mississippi Voter

Tomorrow all of America will go to the polls………and that includes the lucky residents of my state….Mississippi.

This video would be humorous if it were not so damn accurate!

My readers know that I have been pretty tough on the voters of my state…..that because they will vote against their best interests the state is in a perpetual state of sadness……..the voters do not vote top make the state better but instead to keep the state down……to the point of  sad economy…..massive poverty…..terrible health care……poor education and massive poverty….but yet they will not vote to make things better

So you ask……just what are the voters like?

Glad you asked….this is your typical Mississippi voter……



Perfect example of what conservative policies will do for you….Mississippi is a prime example of what conservative policies can do to a state.  After saw the vid I felt compelled to apologize for the morons……

Any questions?

Enough said?

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