The farce of Paul Ryan, serious man – The Week

Remember Paul Ryan…in case your memory is as bad as mine….let me help….he was Mitt’s pick for VP.  A lot can be said about Ryan…about the best thing is that he is the GOP’s economic wonk….someone who can play with the big boys in the field of economics…..

The farce of Paul Ryan, serious man – The Week.

Have Vets Been Screwed Enough?

Apparently the answer is a resounding NO!  I mean it is bad enough to take young men and send them off to war….and even worse sin is to bring the wounded home and then have to deal with a country that cares little for their care… the point that charities have to pop up to get the severely wounded the help they need…..the country is way too busy to think seriously about the vets….sorry…they are important enough to be trotted out during campaigns as some sort of prop and then lied to their faces….I hope this country is PROUD of the way it treats veterans.

Like I said they have NOT been screwed enough……Politico is reporting……

Congress and the Pentagon agree that it’s time to tighten the defense belt, including tackling spiraling personnel costs. The question is how and when to do it.

The recent small cuts in pension cost-of-living increases for working-age military retirees have laid bare the divisions on how to appropriately rein in the military’s personnel costs.

Pentagon officials, however, emphasized that reforming the military’s compensation system is unavoidable.

“Secretary [Chuck] Hagel, the Joint Chiefs and the service secretaries agree that we cannot afford to sustain the rate of growth in military compensation that we’ve experienced over the last decade,” said acting Deputy Defense Secretary Christine Fox.

And Vice Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Sandy Winnefeld told the committee the Pentagon “can and probably should gradually place compensation on a more sustainable trajectory.”

Under the recent two-year budget agreement, military retirees under the age of 62 would see their pensions increase at a slower pace, with their cost-of-living adjustments pegged to the rate of inflation minus 1 percentage point. Once they turned 62, they would go back to receiving adjustments pegged to the full rate of inflation.

The pension cuts, set to take effect Dec. 1, 2015, initially extended to all working-age military retirees. But the $1.1 trillion spending bill that cleared Congress earlier this month gave a pass to disabled veterans and surviving families, a move the Pentagon supports.

Pentagon officials, to her knowledge, were not consulted on the details of the budget agreement brokered by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Fox said. But the department “fully supported” the provision in the omnibus spending bill that restored the cuts for disabled veterans.

Another slap to the face of vets……if the Congress wants to cut anything let these self-righteous morons start with their pay and their benefits….at least the vets did what was asked of them….the Congress is ordered by money not the people…..

The treatment of vets is shameful and as a vet …..DISGUSTING!

Keystone–Was There Any Doubt?

WE have been debating for a year or more over the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline…..and of course most of it was rhetoric…..I was opposed because those jobs it will create will be only until completion and it will NOT effect the price of oil and oil companies do not have the best record for a safe environment or effective disaster control…..I voiced my opposition in the early days and then let it go….why?  I watched the news and the media and in my mind there was never any doubt that it would be approved……

Environmentalists are going to hate this one: A State Department review of the controversial Keystone oil pipeline raises no major environmental objections, reports the New York Times. The report concludes that the proposed pipeline from Canada to Texas would not affect global greenhouse gas emissions in a significant way, reports the Washington Post. This doesn’t mean the project is now a slam-dunk, but the environmental assessment was seen as one of its biggest remaining hurdles. President Obama has said that he would sign off on the pipeline only if it didn’t “significantly exacerbate” carbon pollution, and the report seems to satisfy that requirement. So what’s next? John Kerry and his State Department now must consider other factors beyond the environment—the economic impact, relations with Canada, etc.—in making a final decision. As one State official tells the Post: The report “does not answer the broader question about how a decision on this potential pipeline fits in with broader national and international efforts to address climate change and climate priorities or other questions of foreign policy or energy security.” Eight separate agencies have three months to weigh in, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Did you really think there was gonna be any other outcome?  Be real!  If BP got away with the Gulf spill what would make you think that any other outcome would happen?

Now ll we have to do is wait….and wait…..and then I can utter the four most beautiful words in the English language…..”I TOLD YOU SO”!