BBC News – Newport man’s theory turns pyramid building on its head

It is Sunday and I usually post only one article per day on the weekends……that is to give me meager mind a much deserved break from the chaos of politics…..but today I offer a little lagniappe (something extra)……

There is always some archeologist that has a theory on how the pyramids were constructed….and as usual there is always some disagreement….some believe slaves did it or workmen or even aliens…………but I read this piece awhile back and thought I would pass it along to see how everyone reacted to the news….

I thought that since today’s post was on a newly discovered pharaoh…this would be a good time to post this story….

BBC News – Newport man’s theory turns pyramid building on its head.

Finding The Secrets Of Egypt

I try to watch the history channel whenever they actually have something of historic value, which these days are far between, I mean about the only historical any more is Ax Men, these twats are cutting down old growth forest, pretty much destroying a bit of history…..but I digress……

You would think with all the trouble going on in Egypt that the archeological digs would be on hold for safety reasons if nothing else…..but two reports I have read about news on the pharaohs is coming out….little by little……

Amid fresh upheaval in Egypt, archaeologists are still making finds that shed light on the country’s past. In the latest discovery, an American and Egyptian team has unearthed the tomb of a previously unknown pharaoh who ruled during troubled times 3,600 years ago, reports the AP. King Seneb Kay—whose name was determined from hieroglyphics on the tomb wall—ruled when the country was divided among several rulers, and Egypt’s head of antiquities says the find will provide new insight into a complex and little-known era. But while the find will provide knowledge, grave robbers appear to have made off with everything else of value thousands of years ago, the International Business Times reports. No funerary furniture was found in the badly damaged tomb, and even the body of the king, who had been mummified and laid to rest in a wooden sarcophagus, had been pulled apart. An archaeologist involved with the dig says the terrible state of the tomb reflects the state of Egypt at the time, when central authority had collapsed.

There is a bit more…….

Scholars of ancient Egypt have a new pharaoh to study, thanks to archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Museum. Meet Woseribre Senebkay, who ruled from about 1650BC to 1600BC, reports LiveScience. The Penn researchers had to piece together his skeleton after eons of tomb robbers had their way with the site, but they think Senebkay lived into his mid- to late-40s and stood about 5-foot-10. With the discovery of a new pharaoh comes an official new dynasty, dubbed the Abydos Dynasty after the archeological site where the tomb was found. Researchers stumbled upon it while investigating a nearby tomb of an earlier pharaoh named Sobekhotep. In fact, it seems that Senebkay did some tomb-raiding of his own—he reused Sobekhotep’s cedar chest. “It suggests that the king had economic challenges, which has to do with the period of struggle and fragmentation of kingdom,” Penn’s Josef Wegner tells NBC News. Researchers suspect they’ll find tombs of other pharaohs nearby.

(Photos released through the Supreme Council of Antiquities)

Amazing news….it shows that even in the midst of chaos…..discoveries can still be made…..way cool!