Have You Had Your Multigrains Today?

Taking a break from news….I need to depart from my usual ranting on the stupidity of our political system…………especially when there is NOTHING new in the news……let’s talk about something we all enjoy….NOT sex!  FOOD!

The bombardment continues with every passing day……multigrains are found everywhere and I mean everywhere……from kids crunchy cereals to side dishes for chicken……we are told all sorts of benefits from eating a diet with multigrains…..you know….you have been beat about the head with all these health claims……….so now ask yourself…….should I or shouldn’t I?

Glad you asked!

t is natural to assume that multigrain breads, pastas and cereals are healthy, as it seems unlikely that they would contain refined grains (which are much less healthy than whole grains). However, the law regarding ingredient descriptions actually allows companies to label their products as ‘multigrain’ foods even when their primary ingredient is refined grains.

Refined grains lacknutritionalvalue, and they are strongly correlated with weight gain.For example, huge study conducted by a team of researchers at Harvard Medical School found that the participants who ate the greatest amounts of refined grains were most likely to gain weight over the course of twelve years.

Indeed, they were almost 50% more likely to gain weight than the people who eat the most wholegrain products.

When regularly consumed, refined grains also come with a staggering 141% increase in your likelihood of developing the connected disorders that characterize metabolic syndrome (i.e. heart disease and diabetes).

When looking for breads and pastas, your best bet is to choosewholegrain and wholemeal products every time. Multigrain products do not always choose to display their ratio of refined to unrefined grains in a prominent place on the label, so it is smart to err on the side of caution.

What?  Crap!  What can we believe now?

Are Fox and MSNBC polarizing America?

There are many that feel that the political world of the US has become too polarized for there to be any progress at all….and then there are some that feel that this is all the logical progression of our republic…….

A lot of the right wing lives and breathes FOX News……and on the same page many progressives (I do not like that word) so I will use liberals live and breathes on the programming of MSNBC…..but what is the rest of the story……

Read on………

Are Fox and MSNBC polarizing America?.

Domestic Cold War

By now even if you live under a rock you have heard all the stuff about the Repubs and their internal civil war….Party vs Tea Party, if you will……..we know, for instance that the TP is not happy with Boehner and the old guys for their kowtowing to Obama….at least if is as they see it…..what if anything can be done?

Glad you asked that all important question.

The so-called GOP civil war may be going from cold to hot. The conservative group ForAmerica tells CNN that it intends to spend six figures on a campaign it’s calling “Dump the Leadership,” aimed at deposing all the GOP’s leaders in both the House and Senate. “Time and again, year after year, the Republican leadership in the House and Senate has come to grassroots conservatives … pleading for our money, our volunteers, our time,” the group’s chairman says. “It’s been years. There is not a single conservative accomplishment this so-called ‘leadership’ can point to.” The group is vowing “significantly” more spending than the $200,000 it dropped to promote defunding ObamaCare, notes the Hill. The group says it’s got digital ads online now, but it’s unclear if those ads will attempt to convince voters to oust John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Co., or attempt to convince other GOP lawmakers to depose them. It’s not the group’s first swipe at leadership, either; it has repeatedlyattacked McConnell for striking deals with Democrats, once dubbing him a “chicken” for not fighting hard enough to defund ObamaCare.

Now from my perspective……is this the best idea?  I know there are many that are unhappy with Boehner and his cohorts….but removing them may not be the best idea……why?  The agenda that is being pursued is not necessarily the agenda of what the people want to be done….I know people?  Who among them gives two craps in Hell what we want done by our elected government?

This, if successful, could give them a temporary win….but in the long run they will be thrown from office….the American people are very close to that now……the people do NOT see these toads doing their jobs….only massaging the genitals of high dollar donors…..what is it that Kenny Rogers sung about……you gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em……..a better strategy needs to be found…a winning strategy….the course they are on now is NOT a winning one……

This is just plain silly…..they had rather beat their own leadership than a Democrat……explain the logic there please?