Probably Not The Best Decision

After two days of legal cluster f*cks it’s Finally the weekend and I can concentrate on something that is more fun than my usual stuff…..enjoy…….

We all make various decisions throughout our lifetimes….some pretty good and then there are those that were probably not our best decisions…… of my worse decisions was dating a broad that I knew was trouble…..but I started thinking with my little head and it proved to be one of more my most disastrous ones……

Speaking of thinking with that little head….that one situation has caused more problems and disasters than any other type of thinking……and this couple are living proof….(well that may not be the best description)……

A Pennsylvania couple apparently overcome by passion made the fatal mistake of leaving the engine running after they pulled into a Williamsport garage and had sex in their car, police say. The bodies of the partially clad couple, both 40 years old, were found inside the vehicle, which had run out of gas but had the ignition switch still on, reports the Patriot-News. A kerosene heater was also on and there were very high levels of carbon monoxide in the garage. Marijuana and drug paraphernalia were also found in the car and it appears Keith Payton and Salina Johnson may have been using drugs at the time, the coroner tells WNEP. They were pronounced dead Friday night, but likely died earlier; police say Payton was supposed to drop something off at the garage for his brother on Thursday. They weren’t the only couple to die at the hands of carbon monoxide in recent days. The AP reports that a Utah couple died while cleaning carpets on Saturday. Maria Lopez-Landaverde, 37, and Joselito Solorzano, 43, ran a carpet cleaning business, and left their van running in a shut garage while tending to a West Jordan home. Police cited a lack of ventilation in the home.

Fortunately for me….my bad decision did not end up as disastrous as this one…..

Anything you would like to share?