Is The 1st Under Attack?

Of course it is!~  Well depends on who you talk to……everyone has a different view of the attacks….there are those that claim it is under religious attack….others see speech as under the gun…..even others see that the freedom of press is being assaulted……no matter what or which section you are concerned about there is situation brewing in the UK that could have wide ranging consequences…..

AS reported in the UK’s Guardian newspaper……..

The seizure of journalists’ notebooks, photographs and digital files could be conducted in secret hearings, owing to a little-publicised clause in a government bill aimed at cutting red tape, media organisations have warned.

Requests for notebooks, computer disks, photographs or videos must currently be made in open court and representatives of news groups can be present.

But the clause – in the deregulation bill, which comes before the Commons on Monday – significantly alters the way courts consider so-called “production orders”, stripping out current safeguards.

The underlying rules governing whether police can have access to material will remain the same but without media groups being present it is feared that judges will be more easily persuaded to authorise police seizures of journalistic material.

You know if this succeeds then it will be looked at closely here….I mean as we lose more and more of our rights to privacy….this would be just the next logical step…….