The Virtuous Cycle

What the Fed has done by promising to buy up $600 billion in US bonds, besides also promising to print more money, is what is called the virtuous cycle in economics…..

The most acceptable definition is……..One good thing leads to another. That is, a situation in which improvement in one element of a chain of circumstances leads to improvement in another element, which then leads to further improvement in the original element, and so on.

Now the Fed is praying like a maniac that this infusion of money will start some sort of spending by industry……which will create improvements in the economic condition of the country……

My problem with this whole thing is that this will not create an opportunity just as NOTHING the Fed has done to this point has created anything but more profits for companies and more unemployment for the people…….also we will be spending money we do not have on the wish and the prayer….with all the talk about the national debt and yet this will be allowed to go on is proof positive of the real function of the Fed is NOT the good of the working class or the middle class, if you will….but rather the interests of the Banksters that continue to steal our money with the permission of the government….all the government…both sides of the political spectrum……

Think I am wrong?  Then where have you heard any opposition to this outrageous plan?  Have the Repubs bitched about the add on to the debt?  Not a peep so far!  Have the Dems bitched that this will NOT help the average worker?  Not a peep!  And I bet you still think that there is not a veiled class war (an upcoming post)  going on as we speak…..right?

2 thoughts on “The Virtuous Cycle

  1. Class war? Hmmm… Forgive me, but in a war are there not at least two sides who are fighting each other?

    This sounds more like ethnic cleansing to me, although I don’t see where they think their customers are going to come from if they’ve destroyed them (financially) – I thought the whole point of modern industry was making sure the less well off had enough money to buy the products the rich wanted them to buy.

    Is almost EVERYONE of ALL classes stupid these days?

    1. It is not one that can be defined by Marxism….it is more than that….I hope that you will like it….it is being a pain in the butt to write without sounding like an extreme Lefty….

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