Weekly News Round-Up

Damn! Sunday already! All the news you cannot possibly use.

1–Some guy set a new hot dog eating record at 59 and half dogs—-thinking—-Why? Apparently it is important to be known as the biggest PIG on the planet. I pass.

2–Larry Flint has offered $1 million again for any info of sex deviation in Washington. So far no takers. Maybe he shpuld take with the Washington Madame she needs monetary help with her defense. Just a thought.

3–An ABC poll shows that 73% of the people think the country is heading in the wrong direction. And this is the same people that will return the do-nothings to Washington for another 4 yrs. Logic? NONE!

4–Some guy sues the maker of Boost energy drink brcause it gave his a hard on for 4 hrs. His wife/girlfriend sent a thank you note.

5–Pres gets pee-pee whacked on immigration. OK, we are aware that there is pros and cons on immigration. Now I ask those against the bill, what is your answer and please, DO NOT say we need to secure the borders–that is obvious, I want to hear your plan.

6–This is my fav of the week–Al Gore and Fred Thompson are running 3rd in their respective paries as candidates for the nomination. ……..thinking…….only in the US could those not running be in the running. I have heard many, many excuses why this is–but the reality is–it is just f*cking stupid!

In closing I would like to ask, Have you heard the one about the guy with TB? And I say agsain, if not please send me your address, I will move there tomorrow!

I exit with a quote:

Do not hate the media, become the media!


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