Your Checks Are In The Mail

Closing Thought–04Jan21

This is what Bernie had to say about the pittance stim checks on the floor of the Senate…..

Sorry it is a bit lengthy but it is well worth watching……

I agree with Bernie….the smallness of the checks is pathetic but as they say “every little bit helps”….my favorite  thought is….

“All of a sudden, Mitch McConnell is ‘worried’ about giving a $2,000 check to someone who ‘doesn’t need it,'” Sanders tweeted Thursday. “That’s funny. He had no problem giving a $560 million tax break to Sheldon Adelson who is worth $34.3 billion. Total hypocrisy! Let the Senate vote on $2,000 now, Mitch.”

It will be interesting to see how the pandemic stim plays out in 2021.

The one thing I think will appear once again…..fiscal conservs without Trump will find their moronic voice.

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2020 Dem Candidates–This Is The End!

The last challenge to the centrists has decided thanks to the pandemic that it would be better to just let it all go.

Bernie has suspended his campaign for the 2020 Dem nomination…..leave us stuck with a bumbling centrist…..Biden.

Bernie Sanders, who saw his once strong lead in the Democratic primary evaporate as the party’s establishment swiftly lined up behind rival Joe Biden, ended his presidential bid on Wednesday. It’s an acknowledgment that after wins in places like South Carolina, Michigan, and Florida, the former vice president is too far ahead for Sanders to have any reasonable hope of catching up, reports the AP. The Vermont senator’s announcement makes Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge President Trump in November. Axios acknowledges the damage done by fellow Democratic hopefuls who dropped out and subsequently endorsed Biden, but it adds that the coronavirus “has been smothering” what was a very challenging comeback attempt.

“The Bernie movement” was fueled by huge rallies and canvassing efforts, relics of a pre-COVID-19 time. He also struggled to find space on TV and social media, which have been focusing largely on the epidemic. In its campaign post-mortem, the New York Times hails Sanders as a candidate whose “quest for the White House … began five years ago in relative obscurity but ultimately elevated him as a champion of the working class, a standard-bearer of American liberalism, and the leader of a self-styled political revolution.” But it, like many other outlets, points out that the lack of black support he encountered in his 2016 run was repeated the second time around. The Times adds that his exit is distinct from that in 2016, “when he stayed in an increasingly acrimonious race against Hillary Clinton even after it became clear she would be the eventual nominee.”

This was the last chance for progressive politics to carry the day….we are left with business as usual…..crappy health care, shitty politics that benefit the wealthy and the Middle Class continues to disappear.

I cannot support Biden so now the hunt will be for an alternate candidate that best reflects my principles and desires for our nation.

Watch Ths Blog!

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Closing Thought–10Mar20

If you are following the elections these days then you may have an opinion on Medicare For All…….but what do you actually know what the candidates have to say to the accusations one way or the other?

You definitely did not get it on the debate stage….there was about 90 seconds to attack or defend and in the end all we had was yelling and accusations.

Here is an idea now that we are down to the two major candidates, Biden and Bernie……pick a place and let the two debate the pros and cons.

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday night said he would “love to debate Joe Biden on this issue”—the difference between a Medicare for All plan that dozens of studies show would cover all people for less overall cost and the for-profit status quo that leaves an estimated 28 million Americans uninsured and tens of millions more underinsured, vulnerable to bankruptcies, or lacking care due to financial reasons.

“Medicare for All is wildly popular with working class and lower income people who understand that we have a dysfunctional health care system,” Sanders said in an interview with MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow.

“We are spending twice as much—and by the way—I would love to debate Joe Biden on this issue, give us an hour on MSNBC,” Sanders said, “where we can talk about how anyone can defend this system in which we’re spending twice as much per capita on healthcare as the people of any other country and yet 27 million are uninsured, 30,000 people die, half a million people go bankrupt every year because of medical-related debt, and we spend far and away the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. You want to defend that system? Let’s do it.”

I love this idea……put the two proposals side by side and let the people hear the entire plan…..instead of a 90 second spot.

Personally I think all the debates should be along these lines……two candidates battling it out on a debate stage and NOT in the media that generates more confusion than it solves.

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Feel The Bern!

College of Political Knowledge

#7 in series

This is a draft and since Super Tuesday it is down to Biden and Bernie…..

I hear pundits whining that none of the Dem candidates will go after Bernie on the debate stage and they keep asking why…..I know….no need to go after Bernie the MSM is doing the job for the candidates.

It is early in the 2020 election process and the Dem front runner is Bernie Sanders…..and the MSM has pulling no stops to try and change the trajectory of the voters away from Bernie.

With Bernie Sanders now having won New Hampshire (and probably Iowa, where he won the popular vote) and confirmed his position as the frontrunner for president in the Democratic Party primaries (the New York Times’ poll guru Nate Silver is giving him a better than 40% chance of gaining enough delegates by the end of the primary season to win the nomination on the all-important first ballot at the National Convention in July), it’s becoming open season on socialism and its more anodyne relative democratic socialism.

A few days ago, right-wing columnist Marc Thiessen, writing in my local paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, mocked the catastrophic mess of the Iowa Democratic Caucus, where there is still, six days after the voting, no clear decision on who won, Sanders or Pete Buttigieg, blaming the fiasco on “the same brilliant minds who came up with Medicare-for-All and the ‘Green New Deal.’”  His conclusion, “The Democrats’ failure in Iowa stemmed from the same fundamental flaw that has caused socialism to fail (sic) wherever it is tried — the hubris of a tiny cadre whose grand visions and lack of humility far exceed their ability to deliver.”

The Red-Baiting of Bernie Sanders Has Begun and is Already Becoming Laughable

This is nothing unusual for the GOP media circus for they have been yelling that ALL Dems are somehow socialism and/or communism…..all keep regurgitating the same lies and disinformation…..

More than ever, Bernie Sanders is public enemy number one for power elites that thrive on economic injustice. The Bernie 2020 campaign is a direct threat to the undemocratic leverage that extremely wealthy individuals and huge corporations constantly exert on the political process. No wonder we’re now seeing so much anti-Bernie rage from leading corporate Democrats — eagerly amplified by corporate media.

In American politics, hell hath no fury like corporate power scorned.

Flagrant media biases against Sanders are routine in a wide range of mainstream outlets. (The media watch group FAIR has long documented the problem, illuminated by one piece after another after another after another just this month.) In sharp contrast, positivity toward Sanders in mass media spheres is scarce.

The Escalating Class War Against Bernie Sanders

This is nothing new…..and yes Bernie is a Democratic Socialist….and to anyone that actually knows what they are talking about then those beliefs are just “Capitalism Lite”…..they have no problem with capitalism just the excessive side of the system.

But now the label will be more important since Bernie is running against the corporate sell out Biden.

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1972–Deja Vu All Over Again?

This is a draft that I did not get to post in time…..this look at history may be a moot point.

1972 was the first time I voted for president…..I could have voted in 1968 but I was ass deep in mud in Vietnam and it just did not seem that important at the time.


(not only do you see my political buttons from days gone by but you get a recipe as well)

And yes I voted for George McGovern…..he was the antiwar candidate and a strong Left candidate…..and now Bernie is in the early lead could this be a repeat of 1972?

George McGovern broke my young bleeding liberal heart in 1972. Bernie, oh Bernie, do not disillusion us now the way George did then.

There I was in 1972, the ink barely dry on my journalism school diploma. Working as a baby reporter at the Utica, NY, Observer-Dispatch. My generation didn’t have a letter of the alphabet, no Gen X or Y or Z, not even A, B, or C. But we were so sure we were special. And empowered. We’d shut down the nation’s universities in a general strike. We’d created and enlisted in the anti-Vietnam War movement. Those of us who didn’t get drafted. Or killed.

In 1972 the archetype of evil, Richard Nixon, was running for reelection as president. We felt as warmly toward Nixon then as we adore Trump now. Trump is nothing new for us, just something more.

My introduction to presidential politics had been in 1968, when Nixon came to Syracuse as part of the launch of his presidential campaign. I encamped at a table outside the hall where he was to speak, playing Simon & Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence nonstop for 12 hours. At full volume. That song haunts me yet. In my innocence I was sure I went a long way toward mobilizing opposition to Nixon’s perfidy.

Is Bernie Just George McGovern Déjà Vu or Déjà New?

Bernie is taking on the establishment Dems, the Corporatists, the way that McGovern did in 1972….again is this deja vu?

It’s a perfect time to recall a famous quote from one of the nation’s foremost philosophers, Yogi Berra: Its “déjà vu all over again.”

Is the Democratic Party replaying the lost saga of 2016 but with a very 2020 twist?  Bernie Sander (D-VT) appears to have been robbed of the 2016 nomination, beaten out by Hillary Clinton (Sec. of State).  Mrs. Clinton won because the Democratic Party establishment – the “superdelegates” – trumped the popular vote, securing for her the nomination.  Following the 2016 fiasco, Sanders’ forces secured changes in the Democratic Party rules preventing superdelegates from casting votes during the first round.

Sanders vs. the Establishment Democrats: McGovern All Over Again?

Bernie is not my candidate for I do not consider him as antiwar….but I will support him if it comes down to it because the rest of the Dem field are owned by the M-IC and cannot be counted on to end our endless wars.

It is fascinating the freak out by the establishment who went all in for Biden and he has sorely let them down….now they are jumping on the Bernie bashing bandwagon with more fervor than before.

Like I wrote…this look back may be a moot point after Super Tuesday…..I just could not waste a good draft…..

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The Assassination Of A Campaign

The media has gone into a full court press against Bernie by the MSM……After the South Carolina vote the media smells blood in the political waters and has done all they can to destroy his campaign….

I wrote about the Media’s attempts to destroy Bernie and his campaign…..

The MSM has an air of desperation about it……especially in their endless bad mouthing of Bernie and his followers…..

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign said Tuesday that it senses an “air of desperation” from the Democratic and corporate establishment as Sanders’ 2020 primary opponents intensify their attacks in a last-ditch effort to stop—or at least slow—the Vermont senator’s momentum before the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday, when 1,357 delegates are up for grabs.

Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg’s campaign attempted to use made-up quotes as a way to smear Sanders as a friend of despots. Former Vice President Joe Biden, looking to stop Sanders from overtaking him in South Carolina, falsely accused the Vermont senator of trying to thwart Obama’s 2012 reelection. Pete Buttigieg debuted a television ad assailing Medicare for All with insurance industry talking points.

These aggressive attacks on the Democratic frontrunner over just the past 24 hours likely represent a preview of what’s to come in Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, the final time the candidates will face off before the South Carolina primary on Saturday and Super Tuesday on March 3.

The shameless media is just fawning over Biden and his endorsements…..all their hard work finally paid off for Biden……a disgusting display of how corporations own our political system.

Keep one thing in mind….if Biden wins NOTHING will change in Washington with the exception of which owned dullard sits in the big chair.

If you want the status quo then Biden is your man…..a corporatist candidate that owes everything to the companies that feed him campaign cash….then there is the media whom are them true king makers.

Every election I get more and more disgusted with the blatant bullshit in the media that is nothing but a source of shameless propaganda…..

As I have said many times before I do not support Bernie I have another candidate but I will reconsider my support if my candidate decides to drop out of the race.

Please do not let the media pick your nominee for you.

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Is That A Never Bernie Movement?

First thing to know is that Bernie is NO Radical (more on this further down the post)….

We heard so much about the Never Trump people in Right wing blogs…..and now that Bernie is entrenched in the front runner status the MSM has fired up another meme….Never Bernie.

That conserv bastion of opinion Red State has written…..

The panic on the professional left has begun. What is the “professional left” you say? Those who make a fabulous living in media talking about reaching the goals that Bernie Sanders speaks of, they just never thought they would be part of the full-blown plan in their lifetimes.

The lefties at MSNBC have launched the #NeverBernie movement and they are dead serious about it.

As of this writing with almost 50% of the results so far tallied in Nevada, Bernie Sanders sailed to victory with close to 47% of the vote. Here are the latest numbers from Politico

MSNBC Launches the Beginning of Never Bernie

 Red State calling MSNBC a Leftist network and then say they are starting a Never Bernie movement…..does anyone see just how silly that statement sounds?

Yep leading the charge since Bernie started running is Chris Matthews……he never lets an interview go by without injecting negativity into the interview…..

Matthews, who said on February 7 that he feared a Sanders presidency would result in mainstream pundits being executed in Central Park, made the remarks about 37 minutes before the caucuses began at noon Pacific time.

“This is what happens when you and your network are in a complete panic-riddled meltdown,” said Intercept journalist Jeremy Scahill. “You say the quiet part out loud on national TV.”

This is not a surprise for I expected the media’s multi-millionaires to start bad mouthing Bernie for they need to protect their money from having to pay their taxes…

Can we agree, in the wake of primary contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, and now Nevada, that everything we were told about Sen. Bernie Sanders was wrong? That the press, the pundits, the politicians were all wrong about him? And not just wrong, but completely, utterly, demonstrably, embarrassingly, catastrophically wrong?

You would have to go back to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to find another example of where our political and media elites were so out of step with reality; so off in their predictions and prognostications; so keen to peddle myths and misinformation. (On a side note, whenever we mention Iraq, it’s always worth recalling how Sanders opposed that disastrous conflict, whereas his rivals Michael Bloomberg and Joe Biden both supported it.)

Let’s consider the nonsense that has passed for “reporting,” “commentary,” and “analysis” on Sanders over the past year or so.

As Bernie gets more and more popular the attacks should keep pace with the coming storm.

Matthews has offered an apology to Bernie for his gross and misleading statements…..

Chris Matthews isn’t one to freely dole out apologies, leading the New York Times to call one extended to Bernie Sanders “a moment of humility.” The Hardball anchor had come under fire—with Sanders reportedly extremely bothered himself—over comments he made Saturday during MSNBC’s coverage of the Nevada caucus, reports Deadline. Painting establishment Democrats as just as impotent to stop Sanders to as the French were to the Nazis’ 1940 invasion of their country, Matthews imitated a disbelieving Churchill saying, “How can it be? You got the greatest army in Europe. How can it be over?” He then offered up a general’s response: “It’s over.”

How Sanders communications director Mike Casca responded on Twitter: “Never thought part of my job would be pleading with a national news network to stop likening the campaign of a Jewish presidential candidate whose family was wiped out by the Nazis to the Third Reich.” On Monday night, Matthews started his program by apologizing “for comparing anything from that tragic era in which so many suffered, especially the Jewish people, to an electoral result of which you were the well-deserved winner.” He promised to try to “do a better job myself of elevating the political discussion” during the remainder of the campaign. In a longer look at how the Sanders campaign is going after MSNBC in general, the Washington Post notes Matthews’ comparison itself was “flawed,” as it ultimately ended up being over for Germany, not France.

That was a typical non-apology apology to Bernie for his disdain of the candidate. 

And Matthews is not alone on MSNBC…..

….despite an avalanche of criticism, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough doubled down, this time suggesting that Bernie Sanders was a fan of Benito Mussolini.

Bernie should tell them all to go F*ck Themselves!

The media is spending all their energy setting up the attack plan against Bernie for whoever will take the bait (and most candidates and Right wing bloggers ate taking that bait)…..I am not a supporter of Bernie but I can see the attack plan by the corporate media.

This post started with the statement that Bernie is NO Radical…….let me explain…..

Centrist/moderate/Third Way Dems are afraid of Bernie, not because he would lose to Trump or inverse-coattail down-ballot candidates, but because they would lose their longstanding minority control of the party apparatus. After the convention in Milwaukee, for example, the nominee gets to choose the new DNC chairman. Sanders will not keep Tom Perez.

Electability, however, is the moderates’ supposed chief concern. And enough moderate Democratic voters are buying it to make it A Thing.

Don’t Worry, Centrists. Bernie Isn’t Radical.

I have been a radical for 50 years and Bernie is NO radical….and anyone that thinks he is has NO damn idea what the term means.  PERIOD!

Electability?  Now there is a con job…..  then there is the silly concept of running to the Center……

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Bernie—Can He?

#2 in a series

The College of Political Knowledge

My second look at the Dem candidates as the 2020 season gets kicked off….this time it is Bernie Sanders…..the candidate that has the media running in circles trying to trash him for the voter.

Bernie still has a lot of energy around his campaign…..more so than in 2016….the money is rolling in…..and the crowds are very large with each visit he makes.  And this is confounding the media at every turn.

Of course Trump and the GOP noise machine both professional and social media dolts are zeroing in onto the socialist thing…..trying to make Bernie not look so inviting.

Will Bernie’s beliefs make him not electable?

Sen. Bernie Sanders is a self-described socialist in a country where socialism is unpopular, and many observers are convinced that Sanders’s lead over President Donald Trump in head-to-head polling would vanish in the face of a red-scare campaign from Republicans.

It is difficult to know whether that’s true or not, but a recent message-testing experiment run by the progressive group Data for Progress at least calls that theory into question.

In their experiment, tagging Sanders as a socialist did not seem to undermine his campaign — something we’ve also seen over the years in Vermont. Sanders consistently does a bit better in elections for his Senate seat than you would expect from the state’s baseline party lean.

No matter what the results of surveys show….the GOP disinformation masters will use all avenues to paint a terrible picture of Bernie…..most will not be true….most will be just Trump and his minions bullying anyone that has better ideas.

This is any interesting look at socialism…..if anyone is interested or you can keep spouting crap with no knowledge behind your words…..your choice…..

Most Americans do not realize that Democratic Socialism is not the run of the mill socialism… has no problem with markets, profits or wealth……that is a far cry from socialism.

But a closer look at Dems and socialism……

A new Gallup survey showing most Americans would not be willing to vote for a socialist also revealed that an overwhelming majority of Democratic voters said they would back a candidate like Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is leading in national polls.

More than three-quarters of Democratic voters surveyed—76%—told Gallup they would support a presidential candidate who identified as a socialist.

A large chunk of independent voters said they would back such a candidate, with 45% saying so, while only 17% of Republicans reported the same. Overall, 45% of 1,033 respondents said they would back a socialist in the poll, which had a margin of error of four percentage points.

Above info is contrary to what the MSM is saying…..but then they will be pushing any “corporatist” candidate that will help their owners keep the status quo.

Now that ought give the Right lunatics all the info they need to bash Bernie…..and the Dems….as if they needed facts to carry that out…….

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Bernie In Iowa

We are only a few short days from the opening salvo of the 2020 elections….Iowa.

This post begins with something for all those that are deathly afraid of a Sanders presidency…….a Letter From Iowa….

I rode back out to Iowa to observe and even participate on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ progressive-populist candidacy in this state’s pivotal first-in-the-nation presidential Caucus. It’s a pivotal moment. A recent Des Moines Register poll has Sanders in lead among Iowa Democratic Party Caucus-goers. CNN just released a poll showing Sanders to be the national Democratic front-runner, three points ahead of ridiculous right-wing Joe “Never Called me Boy” Biden, whose corporatism Bernie has been politely calling out.

The corporate-Democratic Party leadership is in something of a panic. If Sanders wins Iowa and/or New Hampshire, then, under one possible scenario that frightens the party’s capitalist managers, he might well break through the bumbling, deeply conservative mediocrity Biden’s Black voter “firewall” in South Carolina and then roar towards the nomination through Nevada and the “Super Tuesday” (March 3rd) primary states.

A Letter From Iowa

Even Trump has a worry about Bernie…..

Hillary Clinton isn’t exactly bursting with Bernie love—and for President Trump, that could be a bonus. In a recording of a private 2018 dinner, Trump says Clinton might have been harder to beat in 2016 if she had chosen Bernie Sanders as her running mate, Newsweek reports. “Had she picked Bernie Sanders it would’ve been tougher,” says Trump. “He’s the only one I didn’t want her to pick.” Heavy delves deeper into the recording, which includes smatterings of table talk: “But I think Bernie, because all of those people that hated her so much, who voted for me, you know I got 20% of Bernie votes … because of trade. Because he’s a big trade guy … He basically says we’re getting screwed on trade and he’s right.”

“I’m worse than he is,” Trump goes on. “But we can do something about it … I don’t know, he could have, I don’t know.” Saying he didn’t want Clinton to choose Sanders, Trump considers the counter-argument: “Now then you say, people say, ‘No it would have been easier because then, her sort of establishment normal Democrats would have come to me.’ … She may have lost a lot of votes too.” (Hear it here and start at 54:00, though Trump comes in closer to 55:00). The recording—which was released by lawyers for Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas—looks like it was made secretly on a cellphone. Parnas’ attorney says it was made by Parnas associate Igor Fruman.

There is more bad news for Bernie haters……look like he is having a good few weeks in Iowa….(please I am not saying he will be the nominee only that the early news is looking good for him…regardless what the MSM wants you to believe)…..

With only nine days to go in Iowa, a New York Times/Siena College poll of likely caucusgoers has a new frontrunner—and he’s no moderate. The survey of 1,689 registered Iowa voters puts Bernie Sanders in the lead at 25%, ahead of center-left hopefuls and a high-profile liberal. The poll has Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden sparring at 18% and 17%, respectively, while Elizabeth Warren—who led in an October poll with 22%—has slumped to 15%, and Amy Klobuchar is stuck at 8%. The Sanders surge is reflected in other recent Iowa polls, which CNN crunches down to Sanders at 21% and Biden 19%, followed by Buttigieg (17%), Warren (16%), and Klobuchar (7%).

But Iowa polls can be unreliable at this stage, partly because the caucus process involves two voting rounds at each site, per Politico. What’s more, almost 40% of voters in the Times poll said they might be persuaded to switch to another candidate. And 55% say they’d prefer someone who’s “more moderate than most Democrats,” compared to 38% itching for a more liberal candidate. But if Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire, where he also tops the polls, he could gain powerful momentum. “Bernie’s authentic,” says an Evansdale voter. “Pretty much everything he’s saying—I can’t put it better than he can.”

Not to worry if Bernie is not your candidate….the corporate stooge candidates are not far behind….and the corporate media will be doing all they can to see the Bernie is not the nominee….so do not worry the status quo will win.

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Bernie–Most Electable

Well this news ought to scare the shit out of old conservatives that still are afraid of the Red Menace…Bernie is a socialist…..and yet his popularity is growing…….contrary to the narrative on the Right.

There is a news report that has come out as we get closer to the beginning of the beauty contest we call the run for the nomination…..

The case for Bernie Sanders is that he is the unity candidate.

The Vermont senator is unique in combining an authentic, values-driven political philosophy with a surprisingly pragmatic, veteran-legislator approach to getting things done. This pairing makes him the enthusiastic favorite of non-Republicans who don’t necessarily love the Democratic Party, without genuinely threatening what’s important to partisan Democrats. If he can pull the party together, it would set him up to be the strongest of the frontrunners to challenge President Donald Trump.

Sanders breaks from the pack in constructive ways on foreign and monetary policy, where the president has an unusual amount of freedom to act. And in the legislative arena, where any president is going to be sharply constrained, he stands the best chance of getting the left on board with the sure-to-be-disappointing compromises that will be necessary to advance the ball at all on important issues.

Bernie seems to be holding in there…..he has the young vote….but does that mean those will actually vote if he is not the nominee…..

Here is a thought….many of the supporters of RFK after his death switched to support George Wallace….could we see a repeat of that type of switch in 2020?

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