2020 Dem Candidates–This Is The End!

The last challenge to the centrists has decided thanks to the pandemic that it would be better to just let it all go.

Bernie has suspended his campaign for the 2020 Dem nomination…..leave us stuck with a bumbling centrist…..Biden.

Bernie Sanders, who saw his once strong lead in the Democratic primary evaporate as the party’s establishment swiftly lined up behind rival Joe Biden, ended his presidential bid on Wednesday. It’s an acknowledgment that after wins in places like South Carolina, Michigan, and Florida, the former vice president is too far ahead for Sanders to have any reasonable hope of catching up, reports the AP. The Vermont senator’s announcement makes Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge President Trump in November. Axios acknowledges the damage done by fellow Democratic hopefuls who dropped out and subsequently endorsed Biden, but it adds that the coronavirus “has been smothering” what was a very challenging comeback attempt.

“The Bernie movement” was fueled by huge rallies and canvassing efforts, relics of a pre-COVID-19 time. He also struggled to find space on TV and social media, which have been focusing largely on the epidemic. In its campaign post-mortem, the New York Times hails Sanders as a candidate whose “quest for the White House … began five years ago in relative obscurity but ultimately elevated him as a champion of the working class, a standard-bearer of American liberalism, and the leader of a self-styled political revolution.” But it, like many other outlets, points out that the lack of black support he encountered in his 2016 run was repeated the second time around. The Times adds that his exit is distinct from that in 2016, “when he stayed in an increasingly acrimonious race against Hillary Clinton even after it became clear she would be the eventual nominee.”

This was the last chance for progressive politics to carry the day….we are left with business as usual…..crappy health care, shitty politics that benefit the wealthy and the Middle Class continues to disappear.

I cannot support Biden so now the hunt will be for an alternate candidate that best reflects my principles and desires for our nation.

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12 thoughts on “2020 Dem Candidates–This Is The End!

  1. I always said I’d vote for whoever won the nomination. I’ve been a Democrat since I was 18 years old. I’m not going to change now.

      1. I get it. I am a progressive too, but I’m also a realist. I know what we have to do to get Trump out. I respect your opinion though.

      2. As I respect yours….there are several on here that do not agree with me but that is why I am here…..a discussion is always a good thing chuq

  2. ‘Bloody Monday’ will go down in history as the day when the Sanders campaign was stopped by the DNC. The centrist candidates were forced out and pressured to coalesce around Biden. It was really kind of unprecedented for candidates with momentum to suddenly drop out right before Super Tuesday.

    1. I think Bernie was looking forward and the virus thing that would prevent a lot of voting…..the DNC has rigged every election since I can remember…..tell people to think about this….every centrist candidate since 2000 has lost. chuq

      1. Good point. Of course Obama was not a progressive but a lot of people believed he was in 2008. I was young then and it was my first year to be eligible to vote. I believed the hype also.

      2. Sometimes I feel like I am bang my head trying to get people to see what is truly happening….but I have been doing it so long that I like the pain…LOL chuq

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