The Assassination Of A Campaign

The media has gone into a full court press against Bernie by the MSM……After the South Carolina vote the media smells blood in the political waters and has done all they can to destroy his campaign….

I wrote about the Media’s attempts to destroy Bernie and his campaign…..

The MSM has an air of desperation about it……especially in their endless bad mouthing of Bernie and his followers…..

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign said Tuesday that it senses an “air of desperation” from the Democratic and corporate establishment as Sanders’ 2020 primary opponents intensify their attacks in a last-ditch effort to stop—or at least slow—the Vermont senator’s momentum before the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday, when 1,357 delegates are up for grabs.

Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg’s campaign attempted to use made-up quotes as a way to smear Sanders as a friend of despots. Former Vice President Joe Biden, looking to stop Sanders from overtaking him in South Carolina, falsely accused the Vermont senator of trying to thwart Obama’s 2012 reelection. Pete Buttigieg debuted a television ad assailing Medicare for All with insurance industry talking points.

These aggressive attacks on the Democratic frontrunner over just the past 24 hours likely represent a preview of what’s to come in Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, the final time the candidates will face off before the South Carolina primary on Saturday and Super Tuesday on March 3.

The shameless media is just fawning over Biden and his endorsements…..all their hard work finally paid off for Biden……a disgusting display of how corporations own our political system.

Keep one thing in mind….if Biden wins NOTHING will change in Washington with the exception of which owned dullard sits in the big chair.

If you want the status quo then Biden is your man…..a corporatist candidate that owes everything to the companies that feed him campaign cash….then there is the media whom are them true king makers.

Every election I get more and more disgusted with the blatant bullshit in the media that is nothing but a source of shameless propaganda…..

As I have said many times before I do not support Bernie I have another candidate but I will reconsider my support if my candidate decides to drop out of the race.

Please do not let the media pick your nominee for you.

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18 thoughts on “The Assassination Of A Campaign

  1. I disagree. No one is trying to sabotage Bernie,if so a socialist would not be in the lead right now. If you want 4 more years (or more if the Republican powers that be have there way … ) nominate Sanders , he can’t win against Trump. Save our democracy for Gods sake.

    1. I dis agree….look at Medicare for all….(for instance)…….”Support was 57 percent to 38 percent in Iowa, 58 percent to 37 percent in New Hampshire, 62 percent to 35 percent in Nevada, and 50 percent to 44 percent in South Carolina.” And yet the media will not talk about these numbers…all they talk about is how good Biden is doing……you want crappy government then Trump is your man and if you want even crappy times then Biden is you man….either the status quo will remain….chuq

      1. Medicare for all will not be passed by Congress nor will free education in the US. Bernie knows this as well as most of us. Empty promises should be left to Trump.

      2. I am not talking about Congress I am talking about the popularity with the American .people….all these politicians are offering empty promises…..that is why this nation is in such turmoil…..gutless candidates with worthless owners. chuq

      3. There are lots of people who want Medicare for all and they think sanders can get this for them along with a lot of other free things like education but we know he can’t do that by himself.

      4. Not to worry now…..our health will be just as bad as it is now….Look what Trump did by himself… that is not a good argument. chuq

      5. No argument….and I agree he needs to leave….my point is we need need more than to beat him….we need a plan for the nation and so far none have impressed me in the least. chuq

      6. I’m not terribly impressed but we will have a choice of Sanders or Biden. I prefer a calm sensible president over a revolution. After all Sanders praised Fidel Castro , ck out the video from the 80’s on YouTube of his meeting with Castro where he says he is very impressed with what Fidel had done to improve the Island. As a Miamian I have seen the influx of Cubans fleeing on intertubes dying in the Florida Straits. We want results not a revolution, quote Unquote.

      7. You will get results and we will stay in the social rut we have now… usual Americans prefer reform to change chuq

  2. If Sanders gets the nomination, the shit storm will really begin!
    (From the Media,The Republicans, and the Democrats who don’t want Sanders.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. This is one of the rare instances in which I can applaud the MSM for their patriotism. This is one instance in which the MSM actually displayed a little bit of patriotism.

    1. It is NOT their job to choose my candidates for me…..or the president for that matter….all too disgusting for words that Americans allow it. or praise it. chuq

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