Bernie—Can He?

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My second look at the Dem candidates as the 2020 season gets kicked off….this time it is Bernie Sanders…..the candidate that has the media running in circles trying to trash him for the voter.

Bernie still has a lot of energy around his campaign…..more so than in 2016….the money is rolling in…..and the crowds are very large with each visit he makes.  And this is confounding the media at every turn.

Of course Trump and the GOP noise machine both professional and social media dolts are zeroing in onto the socialist thing…..trying to make Bernie not look so inviting.

Will Bernie’s beliefs make him not electable?

Sen. Bernie Sanders is a self-described socialist in a country where socialism is unpopular, and many observers are convinced that Sanders’s lead over President Donald Trump in head-to-head polling would vanish in the face of a red-scare campaign from Republicans.

It is difficult to know whether that’s true or not, but a recent message-testing experiment run by the progressive group Data for Progress at least calls that theory into question.

In their experiment, tagging Sanders as a socialist did not seem to undermine his campaign — something we’ve also seen over the years in Vermont. Sanders consistently does a bit better in elections for his Senate seat than you would expect from the state’s baseline party lean.

No matter what the results of surveys show….the GOP disinformation masters will use all avenues to paint a terrible picture of Bernie…..most will not be true….most will be just Trump and his minions bullying anyone that has better ideas.

This is any interesting look at socialism…..if anyone is interested or you can keep spouting crap with no knowledge behind your words…..your choice…..

Most Americans do not realize that Democratic Socialism is not the run of the mill socialism… has no problem with markets, profits or wealth……that is a far cry from socialism.

But a closer look at Dems and socialism……

A new Gallup survey showing most Americans would not be willing to vote for a socialist also revealed that an overwhelming majority of Democratic voters said they would back a candidate like Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is leading in national polls.

More than three-quarters of Democratic voters surveyed—76%—told Gallup they would support a presidential candidate who identified as a socialist.

A large chunk of independent voters said they would back such a candidate, with 45% saying so, while only 17% of Republicans reported the same. Overall, 45% of 1,033 respondents said they would back a socialist in the poll, which had a margin of error of four percentage points.

Above info is contrary to what the MSM is saying…..but then they will be pushing any “corporatist” candidate that will help their owners keep the status quo.

Now that ought give the Right lunatics all the info they need to bash Bernie…..and the Dems….as if they needed facts to carry that out…….

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6 thoughts on “Bernie—Can He?

  1. I don’t think Bernie can win against Trump and I think that should be the primary goal. Trump has managed to put Biden out of the race though he still holds the majority of black votes. Trump has now set out to defeat and destroy Bloomberg his biggest threat right now. If anyone questions the ideals of Bernie they need to pull up the documentary of him with Fidel Castro , ( it’s on YouTube,), where he praises all that Castro has done for the Cuban people.

    1. I know what you are saying…but I need to know that something will be tried to change things…..just beating Trump will solve no social problems…..Castro….who even cares anymore……Cubans have free education, health care, if you would beyond small hatreds the Cuban people are 98% literate….my state cannot claim that….chuq

      1. Have you been to Cuba lately? They are living in poverty there but for the elite. Do you have any idea what kind of health care they receive and how long they must wait for it. Do you ever imagine our congress would dream of passing a free education, free medical care bill? This is America.

  2. I am waiting for that Red Scare to begin in earnest, chuq. If he gets the nomination (unlikely) ‘Poor Bernie’ will be hung out to dry. He should be enjoying his retirement somewhere.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. His allies like AOC and the women will be the next level…..they will also be attacked as Bernie is…..they are the future we just have to embrace it chuq

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