Closing Thought–10Mar20

If you are following the elections these days then you may have an opinion on Medicare For All…….but what do you actually know what the candidates have to say to the accusations one way or the other?

You definitely did not get it on the debate stage….there was about 90 seconds to attack or defend and in the end all we had was yelling and accusations.

Here is an idea now that we are down to the two major candidates, Biden and Bernie……pick a place and let the two debate the pros and cons.

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday night said he would “love to debate Joe Biden on this issue”—the difference between a Medicare for All plan that dozens of studies show would cover all people for less overall cost and the for-profit status quo that leaves an estimated 28 million Americans uninsured and tens of millions more underinsured, vulnerable to bankruptcies, or lacking care due to financial reasons.

“Medicare for All is wildly popular with working class and lower income people who understand that we have a dysfunctional health care system,” Sanders said in an interview with MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow.

“We are spending twice as much—and by the way—I would love to debate Joe Biden on this issue, give us an hour on MSNBC,” Sanders said, “where we can talk about how anyone can defend this system in which we’re spending twice as much per capita on healthcare as the people of any other country and yet 27 million are uninsured, 30,000 people die, half a million people go bankrupt every year because of medical-related debt, and we spend far and away the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. You want to defend that system? Let’s do it.”

I love this idea……put the two proposals side by side and let the people hear the entire plan…..instead of a 90 second spot.

Personally I think all the debates should be along these lines……two candidates battling it out on a debate stage and NOT in the media that generates more confusion than it solves.

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2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–10Mar20

  1. The debates seem to be won by how they are judged in the media, whatever the candidates say. I actually wonder if the debates have any value at all, in a modern world obsessed with soundbites and social media comments.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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