Feel The Bern!

College of Political Knowledge

#7 in series

This is a draft and since Super Tuesday it is down to Biden and Bernie…..

I hear pundits whining that none of the Dem candidates will go after Bernie on the debate stage and they keep asking why…..I know….no need to go after Bernie the MSM is doing the job for the candidates.

It is early in the 2020 election process and the Dem front runner is Bernie Sanders…..and the MSM has pulling no stops to try and change the trajectory of the voters away from Bernie.

With Bernie Sanders now having won New Hampshire (and probably Iowa, where he won the popular vote) and confirmed his position as the frontrunner for president in the Democratic Party primaries (the New York Times’ poll guru Nate Silver is giving him a better than 40% chance of gaining enough delegates by the end of the primary season to win the nomination on the all-important first ballot at the National Convention in July), it’s becoming open season on socialism and its more anodyne relative democratic socialism.

A few days ago, right-wing columnist Marc Thiessen, writing in my local paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, mocked the catastrophic mess of the Iowa Democratic Caucus, where there is still, six days after the voting, no clear decision on who won, Sanders or Pete Buttigieg, blaming the fiasco on “the same brilliant minds who came up with Medicare-for-All and the ‘Green New Deal.’”  His conclusion, “The Democrats’ failure in Iowa stemmed from the same fundamental flaw that has caused socialism to fail (sic) wherever it is tried — the hubris of a tiny cadre whose grand visions and lack of humility far exceed their ability to deliver.”

The Red-Baiting of Bernie Sanders Has Begun and is Already Becoming Laughable

This is nothing unusual for the GOP media circus for they have been yelling that ALL Dems are somehow socialism and/or communism…..all keep regurgitating the same lies and disinformation…..

More than ever, Bernie Sanders is public enemy number one for power elites that thrive on economic injustice. The Bernie 2020 campaign is a direct threat to the undemocratic leverage that extremely wealthy individuals and huge corporations constantly exert on the political process. No wonder we’re now seeing so much anti-Bernie rage from leading corporate Democrats — eagerly amplified by corporate media.

In American politics, hell hath no fury like corporate power scorned.

Flagrant media biases against Sanders are routine in a wide range of mainstream outlets. (The media watch group FAIR has long documented the problem, illuminated by one piece after another after another after another just this month.) In sharp contrast, positivity toward Sanders in mass media spheres is scarce.

The Escalating Class War Against Bernie Sanders

This is nothing new…..and yes Bernie is a Democratic Socialist….and to anyone that actually knows what they are talking about then those beliefs are just “Capitalism Lite”…..they have no problem with capitalism just the excessive side of the system.

But now the label will be more important since Bernie is running against the corporate sell out Biden.

Be Smart!

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9 thoughts on “Feel The Bern!

      1. He is a Marxist in terms of being an internationalist but not a Marxist in the end game of all government disappearing.
        His end game is the dominance of the state, the dictatorship of the state where “democratic socialism” is a illusion. The socialism he envisions will ultimately rule from the top down just as communism, fascism , monarchy, theocracy and capitalism do. On the other hand “dictatorship of the workers” seems the most democratic.

      2. We already live under “from the top own”….Marxists believe in the teachings of Marx….Democratic Socialism does not……telling everyone lies does not make it so…..chuq

      1. Good news! Stay well in future too. A vaccine aainst the virus will be found soon, but i fear another of the better known will according to the growing temperatures heading over to Europe instead. We could go into space. Lol

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