Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season–2021

The big news about the Hurricane Ida attack last weekend is Louisiana…once again this region is the brunt of the damage inflicted by this devastating storm.

My town was ravaged by Katrina in 2005 and this time we got heavy rain and some hard wind…..but the damage was minor compared to what it could have been…..

For those interested (probably not that damn many) here are a few photos of the town and area around it……..

As you can see we were fortunate this time….but there is still two months to go in the 2021 season… it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

On a personal note–We never lost power but my WiFi was lost for a couple of days….I had minor damage to trees….my garden is history but I was able to save 4 okra plants….2 blueberry bushes took damage and my privacy fence lost an entire section…..the house and cars made it through unscathed…..all in all I was very fortunate.

We still have about 2 months of the season so we keep a sharp eye on the tropics….hoping we have had our storm this year.

Have a great Sunday….Be Well and Be Safe……

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2 thoughts on “Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season–2021

  1. Hurricanes are so far reaching. Outside of landfall, many places are impacted with relatively little reporting. Stay safe. November is still off in the distance.

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