Labor Day–2021

First before I start my rant let me wish everyone a very happy holiday known as Labor Day

Labor Day blessings and greetings

The ‘unofficial’ end of Summer.

Now my rant about Labor in this country.

Next I want to say to all the Repub in power…STOP using jobs as a crutch to pass crap that benefits no one but the wealthy…..stop using the workers as a slogan and a tagline for your next election.

My state of Mississippi is a right to work state….a cutsey title for a policy that does nothing to benefit the worker….but what is a right to work state (hint it is not what the title implies)…..

To help fill in any gaps in what the reader may have on the subject…..  and

Learn stuff!

The Repubs in every state and at the federal level as well have done a marvelous job in the depression of the worker.  They have worked to lessen the influence of labor by selling a crappy myth of how bad labor is and does nothing for the worker….they defunded OHSA the group that use to protect the worker from injury or exploitation…all in all the GOP is NOT worker friendly…regardless what they say just watch what they do.

As an example I will point to my state of Mississippi and my personal story…..

I worked for the state as a worker in the state housing authority…well after 9 years of employment Katrina hit and hit us hard….about 30% of our units were made unusable…..we went to work trying to save as many as possible to make units available to people…..Katrina hit on 30 August 2005 and as I was working I fell on 26 December 2005 and broke my let in three places…..this injury kept me in surgeries and doctors until May of 2006.

On15 May 2005 I was told that I needed another surgery I immediately inform my employer….my surgery was scheduled for 10 June and on 06 June I got a termination letter because they said I was not back to work in 100 days.

There was NOTHING I could do but grin and bear….a right to work state…..

About a year before Katrina myself and two other employees tried to unionize….that is a story for another post……we worked for months to get the word out and we finally had interest generated as an IWW organizer we had a union that would support our efforts….but before we could launch our attempt we were sold out by one of the organizers….and word came down that anyone trying to join a union would be terminated immediately…interest waned and the attempt failed.

Labor in my state and this country needs to wake up and see the depressing effect that Repubs have on wages and opportunities….until then they will remain the lowest paid portion of our society.

Sorry to be a downer here but eyes need opening to the opportunities that are possible with a strong labor movement.

While you are enjoying your day off with family and food as Summer draws to an end…..think about what is possible and work for a better country.

Labor Day Working Hand Card | Birthday & Greeting Cards by Davia | Labor day  quotes, Happy labor day, Labor day pictures

Enjoy your day.

“lego ergo scribo”


2 thoughts on “Labor Day–2021

  1. My grandfather was a union man.
    That’s to say in the than pilarized Dutch society
    My grandfather became an active member of the Roman Catholic Workers Union.

    They were inspired by:
    “Rerum Novarum (Of New Things)”.
    It was written in 1891 by Pope Leo XIII.

    It goes to far to explain the whole essence of it.
    But important for the context of your post:
    “For the first time it argues that private property is a right, and for workers to be able to join a union.”

    As I read the experiences that you encountered in the work you did, not that long ago,

    it amazes me how they resemble working conditions of Americans today.

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